Friday, November 7, 2008

Life at Our House....These Days....

Hey! So I thought that since it's been awhile since we've been rather regular with the blog that I'd update it and maybe if I have some more time this weekend it will get done twice!
Since we last wrote, we now have a new president elect...Mr. Barak Obama. HOPEFULLY he will be able to make some positive changes in the US and help our image abroad. I have to say as a counselor and teacher I am so happy that we finally have our first African American president. This is HUGE for my kids, now instead of just wanting to be a rapper, basketball or football player, my kids will realize that they too have the ability to become president someday...should they want that. NEAT. Now we just need to get some more women in DC...preferably some on the Supreme Court, I was rather upset when Bush didn't replace Sandra Day O'Conner with another women, so Barak, hear me now...we need some more women on the supreme court, when some of those old fuddy duddies know who they are! :) the political soap box...back to babies, the point of this blog! Since our RSV shots on Monday we've been on a hunger strike. Apparently we don't feel well since our shots and eating is NOT our favorite thing, which makes Mommy unhappy because I need them to gain more weight and FAST...I want 10 pounders by THanksgiving if possible. :) Poor Olivia is so congested from her shot, it's pitiful. Sadly Matt took out our humidifyer to plug it in and found out that the darned thing had been USED and returned and resold to us. I am NOT HAPPY about this. We're exchanging it tomorrow come heck or high water. Hopefully this congestion goes away soon. :(

The girls are starting to interact more and more, it's cute. THey laugh, smile, cry real tears (esp. when getting their boogers sucked...that's a tragedy of GRAND proportions in our house), and are starting to play more and more. My favorite game is who is the baby in the mirror. THey look so confused when they see that baby! :)

The Boxers continue to love on their babies...bath time is a family event with the BOxers helping as's cute. We have bath time every night now, to get the girls used to a bedtime routine, which is really helping. Shockingly enough they now sleep at least 6 hours a night...which is cool, but sometimes I wonder if we shouldn't still be waking them up to eat in the middle of the night. But, our pediatrician says no, so she's the expert!

As a side note...I had to break in the middle of the blog to feed a here's the footnote from what happened during/after that!

So, tonight I had my first emergency trip out for something for the girls....I ran to Walmart to get a cheap vaporizer for the girl's room...until we can get our humidyfier we need something for Livi...she's a mess. Poor sucked to run out, and it MORE than reminded me how scary our Walmart can get 'after hours' so to speak. I swear the man in line in front of me (who practically told me his whole life story) was on something good...or he's just a freak...or both.

Well, that's really all that is going are some pictures of the girls from their GrandDude's birthday.....GrandDude was a we wore our Sailor suits for his birthday! :)

Olivia and Sugar...

Sydney and Cassius....

Hope all is well!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our First RSV Shot & Election Day!

Well, actually we had our first RSV shot yesterday, but we were so crabby that Mommy didn't have time to update the blog until today. Currently we are sleeping...we'll see how long that lasts!

WEll, since I last posted...things have been going. Pretty well actually. Despite Matt's brush with a cold, which freaked us both out, since we were terrified that he'd pass it on to the girls. He was so sick that he missed Thursday and Friday last week of work. No fun. For all of us. He felt horrible and sounded horrible and I, well, I had to do both Mommy and Daddy duty. It's hard taking care of 2 babies by yourself. Tiring too. I'm very glad that he is feeling better AND even happier to say we were successful in keeping the girls from catching his cold! GO us! :)

At the girl's pediatrician appointment yesterday Olivia weighed in at 8 1/2 pounds and 20 1/2 inches long...she's still not on the charts for her weight and length, HOWEVER she is in the 5th percentile for her big giant head (as we call it) go Olivia. Sydney isn't on the charts at all...she weighed in at 8 pounds and 20 inches she's catching up! Our pediatrician has asked us to continue to house arrest and wants us to get the girls to eat more....good luck with that...but we're working on it. Their biggest issue continues to be eating. :( Poor girls. They do now however sleep for 6 hours after their night bottle, for which I am profoundly greatful! :)

Today is election day and hopefully by tomorrow we'll know who our new president will be. Either way, I can tell you I am going to be so happy to have all these darned commercials over and no more phone calls from pollsters. They act like all we have going on in our lives is the hello, we have babies to raise too! :)

Hope all is well...I'm including a collage made by Grandma Carol!

PS...sorry I was so late in getting this on the blog, between computer issues and a bout with the stomach bug I wasn't able to get on the internet until today (Friday). :(