Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween! :)

Halloween, was an adventure in our household this year, as Matt started a tradition, that is sure to keep on going, due to his LOVE of the holiday! He and the girls dressed up, and boy were they cute! It was so fun. Too bad their Mommy was sick as a dog...instead of enjoying Halloween and eating chili and drinking margartias at our neighbor's house, I ended up getting sick. BOO. Not fun. THankfully, however for the 3 hours the girls were out and about I felt okay and was able to be there to document their fun times with Daddy on the camera! I'm sure in the years to come, I will dress up too...but only if I get to look cute...that's my Halloween rule..I don't like face make up/paint and I have to look one day! :)

Enjoy our cuties!

The girls, playing with Daddy! :)

Olivia, Playing around on Halloween morning!

Olivia...reading her book...on the fireplace, which is a no-no!

Olivia...hugging her new Truman toy...her new thing is hugging her stuffed's so cute!

Playing around on Halloween morning.....

Sydney...making a usual!

Sydney chewing on her new Truman from our friends Tom and Jen! They LOVED their toys..thanks you guys!

Sydney playing around before going Trick or Treating!

Sydney didn't seem to mind her blue hair!

Sydney at Bob & Rhonda's...she LOVED their glass table!

Olivia when Matt first came out dressed as the Cat in the Hat...I thought she was going to be scared of him...but nope..she loved it! Giggled the whole time!

Olivia...playing...she loves to turn over her play table and sit inside weird!

Olivia wasn't so fond of her blue wig!

Olivia...hanging at Bob and Rhonda's house! Lots of cool stuff to play with!

Playing around before going Trick or Treating! :)

Olivia...Thing 1!

Sydney dressed at THing 2...

The Cat in the Hat and Things' 1 and 2 made an apperance at our house on Halloween! :) WE love that story!

 obsessed with her piggy we now have a pig that plays music and pig pj's too! :)

Sydney...recovering from her long night out! ;)

Hope all is well,