Thursday, February 3, 2011

Toddler Bribery..

Also known as Mr. Cooper....or depending on how you see it or which way our day is going, going over to Mr. Bob's house to see Mr. Bob, Ms. Rhonda, Angie, and Andy.....3 Snow Days in a row, being cooped up inside (YES I know the day before we played out in the snow), were hard for ALL of us. Especially, since it appears after I asked the girls if they wanted to play out in the snow today, that they are going to take after me and not be HUGE fans of it, that it was time to get out of the house. Today did start off on a great note, in that we hadn't watched ANY television, at all! GO us! :)

Here we are, playing around...until the girls got the brilliant idea to go see Cooper!

Mr. Cooper......adorable as always!

While Cooper was cool, Liz, Angie's friend was even more fact after first arriving over at Angie and Andy's, the girls really didn't play all that much with poor Cooper...but I did! :)
 Olivia and her piggies...she LOVES to have her hair done, it's adorable!

 Sydney...she's cool with her barrettes, but not so fond of ponytails and pig tails! Oh well.

AFTER naptime, playing around....Olivia adores hats, here she is with Daddy's tiger hat!

 Sydney hamming it up....

Thankfully, tomorrow, we're going to have school! YAY! We got an e-mail saying that we WOULD be in session! HA! :) Too bad we ran out of days and now have to add more days to our calendar, which is less time I'm home in the summer with the girls. BOO. :(

Hope All is Well,

Snowmageddeon 2011..Chiseling our Way Out....

So, today (this is in reference to Wednesday, not Thursday, which was when this post was written) was day 2 of Snowmageddeon...after an entire day of sleet, we only ended up getting 3 inches of snow over night. Sadly, this was on top of the at least 3-4 inches of sleet that was in our backyard. We WERE on the cusp of getting more sleet than snow, but I was sure that would be wrong. My work however, was on the cusp of either getting 12 inches of snow or 20. Not sure how much they DID end up  getting in North County, as we were off AGAIN for snow....

Today, began like most 'weekend' days do, with the girls sneaking into bed to cuddle around 7:15/7:30. I went and got them some cereal and milk to snack on and they watched an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, while I 'woke up'. During this time, we also called and talk to Daddy because the girls were missing him and telling them that Daddy was in Florida, didn't do much for them. AND I couldn't promise them that he'd be home that night because we weren't sure the airport would really be open for business, despite his flight not being cancelled yet. So, we called Daddy and the girls were happy.  After Breakfast, we hung around in the living room and I let the girls watch one more short show, after which they were asking to go visit Baby Cooper. hummmm. I was conflicted here, I know we could go see Cooper, but since I didn't get to shovel the sleet off the driveway last night after the girls went to bed (b/c someone (aka Sydney Ann) didn't want to go to sleep and I ended up snuggling until 10:30 in a toddler bed), so I also knew that this needed to be done and I wasn't sure that they would nap long enough for  me to safely do it during naptime.  SO, I suggested that we go outside and play in the snow....

BEFORE we went to play in the snow...


 "Say Cheese Olivia"..."NO picture me Momma!"
 Sydney, eating her 'Happy Birthday' cake by Melissa and Doug...

It took 45 minutes for all of us to get ready for the snow...but it was worth it..I had on 3 pairs of pants and 3 shirts, as did both of the girls!


 Sydney modeling her snow clothes....

Smile Olivia..this time she oblidged me!
 Sydney was not so thrilled that I made her wear her hood up on her sweatshir UNDER her hat, and then put the hood up...but when we got outside, she quickly put her hood back up!
Hug your sister..

After everyone was dressed, we went out the garage to the front yard, where I got out the shovel and attempted to shovel our driveway. The snow portion was pretty easy, however it became apparent VERY quickly that the hardened sleet/ice, was going to be more a challenge. Now, normally I may have just left it alone and not worried about shoveling the drive way, but since we were worried about the potential loss of power from this storm, Matt had taken the 6 to the airport and left me with the SUV, so I was worried about him making his way up the driveway and into the garage. Because of this, I was determined that his side would be shoveled. Our neighbor to the right of us, Maggie, came over to see the girls and offered to loan me her metal shovel (which I told Matt we needed one of later, to which he told me, we had one, but it was in his car at the airport...fat lot of good it does me there)! Using Maggie's metal shovel, I was able to hack and and shovel up the ice frozen to my driveway. Man did that stink, and it was hard hard work. The poor girls, they were ready to go inside when I was ALMOST done, so they let me finish and then we went inside for lunch. I thought I was going to was hard, hard work, and my body was already aching...great sign for the days to come. However, when I went inside, Matt's side was successfully shoveled, mine on the other hand was/is not. I have 4wd, I figure I'll be okay (hopefully).

My crabby, tired, girls ate lunch quickly and went down for a nap like champs! time with some advil for Mommy!

Miss Sydney and her escapades in the snow....

The girls....playing around with each other...watching them and shoveling the driveway, by yourself is interesting to say the least!

Miss O and the snow....she sure did like eating it! :)

Daddy ended up making it home, with no problems at all, thankfully! I was tired, not only from being alone with the girls, but from being freaked out about the potential for losing power, shoveling our ice encrusted driveway, but also I don't sleep well when he's gone. :( Anyways, on his way to the airport, Daddy stopped at the Disney Store to get the girls a present....thankfully they had a buy one get one free deal, the girls got a few things (well, some are put away for later)...this time, their present was a 18 inch stuffed Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell, just happens to be their new obsession. They got 2 of the 3 movies for Christmas and every once in awhile we'll bust one of those out for them...not to mention their super cool backpacks they got that have Tinkerbell on them as are the girls getting their presents from Daddy....notice, pants apparently are optional.

 "Whatcha got in that Bag Dad?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, TINKERBELL!"
 Sydney testing out Tinkerbell...
 Olivia checking her out!
 SWEET! She has pom-poms on her slippers!
 WOW Dad!
 Super impressed and very happy with their presents from Daddy from Floridia! Guess they are cool with Daddy travelling again, as long as he brings them a present!
I on the other hand,  did not get a present from FL, but I did get white roses!  :)  Perfect way to end a business trip! :)

Stay warm, it can't be winter forever....right?