Thursday, February 3, 2011

Toddler Bribery..

Also known as Mr. Cooper....or depending on how you see it or which way our day is going, going over to Mr. Bob's house to see Mr. Bob, Ms. Rhonda, Angie, and Andy.....3 Snow Days in a row, being cooped up inside (YES I know the day before we played out in the snow), were hard for ALL of us. Especially, since it appears after I asked the girls if they wanted to play out in the snow today, that they are going to take after me and not be HUGE fans of it, that it was time to get out of the house. Today did start off on a great note, in that we hadn't watched ANY television, at all! GO us! :)

Here we are, playing around...until the girls got the brilliant idea to go see Cooper!

Mr. Cooper......adorable as always!

While Cooper was cool, Liz, Angie's friend was even more fact after first arriving over at Angie and Andy's, the girls really didn't play all that much with poor Cooper...but I did! :)
 Olivia and her piggies...she LOVES to have her hair done, it's adorable!

 Sydney...she's cool with her barrettes, but not so fond of ponytails and pig tails! Oh well.

AFTER naptime, playing around....Olivia adores hats, here she is with Daddy's tiger hat!

 Sydney hamming it up....

Thankfully, tomorrow, we're going to have school! YAY! We got an e-mail saying that we WOULD be in session! HA! :) Too bad we ran out of days and now have to add more days to our calendar, which is less time I'm home in the summer with the girls. BOO. :(

Hope All is Well,

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