Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So Jeni and I have been getting back in the swing at being at work after our vacation. It's never fun that Monday morning when the alarm goes off and you have to drag yourself out of bed when you haven't had to the last 7 mornings...
Nothing too new or exciting has happened over the past 2 weeks really. Olivia did have a brief bug that made her sick for a few days starting on Sunday evening of March 23. After we all watched the Mizzou Tigers advance to the Sweet 16, the girls were sitting in their high chairs getting ready for their dinner. I noticed that Olivia felt very warm. Her head, arms, face, everything was very warm. I got a cool rag to put it on the back of her neck to help cool her down. Unfortunately that immediately upset her. She started screaming immediately and then vomited. Poor baby. That was the first time I've seen either girls vomit... Seen spit ups, but nothing like this. And poor Olivia was so upset and confused she didn't know what to do. We called our pediatrician and took her temperature. I also had to make a run to Walgreens for some more Infant Tylenol and Pedialyte. The next morning I took her in to the doctor. Sydney stayed at home with Nana Sharon and Papa Rick. Turns out the doctor said Olivia was going to be fine. Just had a mild case of something and to monitor it and give her the pedialyte so she didn't get dehydrated. After a few days she was back to her normal self. We could really tell Olivia didn't feel well as she was super crabby and tired all the time over those days. That's totally not her usual self.

Jeni has been knee-deep in MAP testing for school, which is just about her equivalent of living hell. I've also been super busy at work finalizing some Intern recruiting for this Summer and filling a couple of other positions in our Legal Department and Communications Department.

The girls were very excited that in addition to the first weekend of March Madness, they again got to wear their Mizzou outfits to cheer the Tigers on in the Sweet 16 AND in the Elite 8 game. Unfortunately, the outfits weren't good luck against UCONN and Mizzou lost. Great season though! Also unfortunately, they lost on my birthday... Bummer. I couldn't think of a better birthday present than for Mizzou to have made the Final Four.

We actually went out for a nice dinner a week before my birthday with some friends to Big Sky Cafe in Webster. We hadn't been there for years. Great to make it back there and the food is still outstanding... I highly recommend to anyone! I was a little bummed that they took their porkchop off the menu, but I suffered through with some delicious sea scallops and risotto.

On my actual birthday, since Mizzou was playing, we just stayed at home and watched the game. Nana Sharon & Papa Rick came up later and Jeni and I went and grabbed a nice casual dinner at Steak N Shake. We also visited Borders and picked up a few books.

We were very happy to welcome some new soon-to-be friends of Sydney & Olivia's to the world in the last couple of weeks. Our friends Laurie & Dan welcomed Brendan Daniel's arrival while Julie and Allan welcomed Kara Grace. With these two new additions and the kids of all of our other friends, our girls will have plenty of playmates! Seems like nearly all of our friends have had kids in the past 3 years or are currently expecting. We are going to have tons of birthday parties to attend!

Sydney & Olivia also had a visit from Jeni's friend Stephanie. Stephanie does photography, both professionally and as a hobby. She was nice enough to come over and took tons of photos of the girls! Unfortunately Sydney & Olivia didn't cooperate for some of her time here, but I think she got some great shots. We look forward to sharing them with you when we see them.

Finally, this past Monday was opening day for Major League Baseball and the Cardinals. So, of course, the girls had to get dressed up to celebrate as well!

Well, that's all for now. We are in super clean up mode preparing for the arrival of The Grand Dude and Grandma Carol from Seattle for Easter weekend. Jeni and I anticipate that their visit will mean a little break time for us, since I have a feeling that both her dad and step-mom will want to have as much baby time as possible!

Here are some additional random photos from the last 2 weeks...
Sydney (left) & Olivia (right) modeling their new hats
Sydney is very excited by her Exersaucer.
Olivia looks surprised by everything...
Sydney with her new pink hat
Olivia in Black & White
Sydney REALLY wants to try Daddy's beer
Olivia & her paci
Yes, Olivia, Green Babies Rule. And drool, too apparently.
Sydney showing off her favorite Broadway musical and telling you that this is 'The End'.
Take care.