Thursday, December 1, 2011

All the World is a Stage...

A long time ago, I was at my friend Julie's house and she showed me this box that she had built to cover the front of her hearth, so that he son Luke wouldn't get scratched up when he was learning to crawl and walk. SUCH a great idea, she'd seen it in a parenting magazine, so I stole it! :) I had Matt's Dad build us a box and I went out and got fabric to cover it and padding to make it soft. My mom came over one spring day in 2009 and helped me cover it, so that we were prepared for when the girls started crawling and getting into everything! That was the day I discovered how much I loved the staple gun, you know that random thing Matt registered for when we were getting married that I thought was a waste? NOPE, it's actually really awesome, and I even remember that Ben (Matt's BFF and best-man), gave it to us. LOVE it....6 years later..and it's amazing. :)

Anways, as time has gone on, the girls have discovered the joys to be found in our hearth, MAINLY as a stage....we have shows produced on that stage quite often, as demonstrated in the following pictures!

Currently, we love to sing with our Airel microphones, but are hoping that someday we'll get some other ones, you know because the whole 3 songs on those microphones are making our parents nutso! :) It's so cute when they do this, because Olivia (and it's ALWAYS Olivia), will announce before the show starts...."Ladies and Gentlemen...." so so cute and sweet.

That's right girls, all the world is a stage, and keep on truckin'

We love you....just learn some new songs....okay?

Hope all is well,

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hug Your Sister! :)

In honor of Black Friday, we took the girls to Bounce U! Always a great time! :)

However, just before we left, I tried to convince the girls to let me get a cute picture of them! :) So, here are our trials. Note they are wearing DIFFERENT shirts! They chose their outfits! :)

 Bounce U was as fun as always, even better, there were hardly any people there, and bonus, BOTH Mommy and Daddy went! :)

What  great way to spend a holiday weekend! We loved it! I love when Matt's off and we get to do fun things with the girls!

Hope all is well!