Tuesday, March 1, 2011


yes, that's our dog sleeping on her little sisters' Elmo Couch. And yeah, we didn't make her move. Oh well, someday they'll find out, but since they are sleeping now, we're going to follow the age old rule..you know which one I'm talking about right???

The one about LETTING SLEEPING DOGS LAY....yeah, that one.

Because honestly, she sleeps here ALL the time, but that gives US room on the couch and in the chair!

Ha ha!

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Dog Parade!

Ah..the Barkus Parade....how we love thee! It used to be a tradition in our home that we went to this every year, THEN we had the girls, so we skipped it for the past couple years. Here is a picture from our last Parade...I was about 8 weeks pregnant with the girls here!

Sadly, the parade is always the weekend before Mardi Gras, and depending on the timing of Lent and the weather, it can be VERY cold, which it's been the last 2 years so, we've skipped the parade. Which makes me sad because Cassius LOVED it.

However, this year it was nice, so we decided to take the girls and Sugar down. Yeah, we kind of forgot that Sugar doesn't like crowds. Poor girl, she was FREAKED out...but I still think she had a good time, when she wasn't trying to climb into my arms. Poor baby! Sydney and Olivia had a BLAST and were already asking to go back after naptime to see more doggies!

Sugar and Daddy....

 The girls, flirting it up!
 awww...aren't they all so cute!?
 Another attempt at a family picture...sadly the girls were WAY into their nutter butter cookies...yeah, smart idea to bring PEANUT BUTTER cookies to the dog parade....oops, the girls were a BIG hit with the dogs, because ALL dogs LOVE peanut butter. yikes!

 yeah, randomly walking down the street and ran into a great friend...I called this picture My Two Dads! :)
 My boys and I...and my girls! Love it!
 My little Sugar. Poor girl...she did have SOME fun! :) I could tell she missed her big brother a lot today.

Cassius, I miss you every day, but today, I Missed you more than usual. Love you buddy....someday.

Hug your Puppies tight!