Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The WORST word...

in the English language is MOM! I hate it, what happened to Mama or Mommy? Yes, as you can guess, that is Olivia's new favorite word, well, that and both girls have discovered that Matt and I have names. Yes, several times, they have called us out by our names. FUnny yes, but not something either of us was ready for. However, for now we say, You call us Mommy/Mama or Daddy...NOT Mom or first name! Sometimes it works.

I remember when my friend Amanda at work was upset because her daughter started calling her Mommy and not Mama, guess I need to check in on her to see how she feels about Mom...because I'm pretty sure I feel the same way she did back then. Mom. WORST.NAME.EVER. Call me Mommy or Mama please. :)

Here are some fun pictures of the girls playing with our new Glee Wii game. We do love to sing in our house!

 Olivia being silly.....
 Sydney's going to be a famous singer...or more likely a dancer..some day! This kid can move those hips!

Hope all is well,
Mama :)