Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to RSV Season....

It started today and as prepared as I thought I was, I wasn't prepared for what our pediatrician had to say about it yesterday.

Basically it's a look don't touch policy. No visitors but immediate family ONLY. NO family gatherings (we're going to have to recheck on that for the holidays). If you've been by someone who has a cold/flu in the last 7-10 days do NOT come over. There have already been 2 confirmed cases of RSV in STL.

While RSV is dangerous for ANY baby and toddler, it is important to note that it can KILL our premature babies who both have CLD (Chronic Lung Disease due to their premature birth).

So, what is RSV you ask? WEll, here goes (this information comes from Children's Hospital):

Respiratory Syncytial Virus:
-RSV is a virus that causes infection of the lungs and breathing passages. RSV is often mistaken for a cold but it can cause pnemonia and other serious lung problems.
-Symptoms of RSV include: coughing, sneezing, runny nose, congestion, sore throat, low fever, wheezing, and tiredness.
-RSV occurs most often in infants and children under 3. OTher children of higher risk for RSV include: premature babies or children that were born prematurely, children born in a multiple birth (twins, triplets, etc), children with chronic lung or heart conditions, and people with weakened immune symptoms. If your child falls into one of these categories, he/she may get a medicine called Synagis which CAN help prevent RSV. Yes, the girls qualify for these shots that are $1500 a piece in a series of 5 or 7, depending on how long RSV season ends up lasting.
-Your child may continue to cough, sneeze, and have a stuffy nose for a few weeks after going home. Your child may also get RSV more than once but the symptoms are usually not as bad as the first time.
-The best treatment for your child with RSV is rest and fluids. Antibiodics won't work against RSV since it is a virus.
- It is easily spread from person to person through coughs and sneezes, and can also be spread by touching someone with the virus. THe virus can LIVE for many hours on objects and surfaces such as toys, towels, blankets, tissues, doorknobs, and sinks. A person can get the virus just by touching an object that has germs on it.
-Your child may spit up after eating because they have more mucous production.
-RSV is most common in the fall, winter, and early spring.
-RSV is most contagious during the first 2-4 days of the infection, however, it can be spread up to 3 weeks after the start of symptoms.
-Handwashing is the most important way to protect the entire family from RSV and other infections.
-Keep your child away from people with a cold.
-If your child has RSV keep them away from other children.
-A smoke free environment is best for children, as it will make their coughing/breathing worse.
-Your child may need more rest than normal. YOu may need to feed them more often because they will tire easily during feedings. Your child may sleep more comfortably sitting up in his or her carseat.

SOunds like fun. Well, it's not and it's scary and I am SURE we are going to offend TONS of people because they cannot hold/touch/visit with our children like they can normal babies. It sucks, trust me.

BUT you know your DR means business when they give YOU, the parents flu shots and a tetnus shot with whooping cough prevention shots...yes, you heard right, I visited MY children's pediatrician and I received shots. How odd. Convenient though. ALL of our parents need to get flu shots as well, as will the girl's daycare provider. God I wish I could keep them out of daycare this winter, but we're just not that lucky. Just pray they don't get RSV. :(

Yesterday was a rough day...Matt traveled and was gone on business all day (well, after the pediatrician's appointment), so Matt's mom and then my mom came over the help feed the girls in shifts, since I cannot do both girls at once as they aren't far enough apart on their feedings that I can do it by myself. Needless to say I was TIRED at the end of the day, not that Matt wasn't after all his traveling, but the stress of pumping all the time and exhaustion got to me, so Matt was fabulous enough to let me sleep from 10-12 and then 1-4. It was heaven! I felt like a million bucks today!

Today our housekeeper came. God my house looks nice! She's so so sweet! WE ran out to lunch (no we didn't take the girls in, that's against the rules...we ate in the car), THEN we ran to Babies R Us...well, I went in, Matt stayed in the car with the babies.

This afternoon, little Miss Fussy Pants, also known as Sydney was awake from 5-8:30. CRAZINESS. As planned, I gave the girls their baths this evening before dinner time. WE're attempting to start a routine with them...bath, bottle, book, bed. WELL, everything but the book happened, right now that's replaced by the swing so that they are elevated after eating...and so that Mom and Dad could eat their dinner before Dad went off to sleep and mom had mommy duty and baby duty for the evening. :)

I hope all is well...tomorrow morning I"ll download and post our pictures from today...they are CUTE CUTE CUTE I tell you!


DISCLAIMER: Last night I posted this and we were having internet issues so I was unable to edit the post. I apoligize, I really am not illiterate. :) I have since fixed and edited my post!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Pictures from home!

So instead of posting pictures on Jeni's previous entry, I decided to just post the new pictures here.

I don't have much to add since Jeni's message since not much has changed. We are attempting to work out our schedule (or the girls' schedule to be accurate) so that we can both get at least 4 hours of sleep at a time... unfortunately, not at the SAME time...

Oh well, we'll get this adjusted and figured out soon enough.

So, here are some pictures of the girls' arrival home.

First, we strapped the girls in to their carseats for their trip...

Upon arriving home, it was time to introduce the girls to the Boxers. Sugar and Cassius were very interested in them. Lots of sniffing went on. Sugar snuck in some licks here and there. Don't worry, dogs mouths are actually cleaner than humans' mouths...

As Jeni said, the girls love their Pack 'n Play.

They also enjoy their swing!

Finally, there have been a few requests for pictures of the nursery... So, here they are. Jeni took shots from just about every possible angle except possibly hanging from the ceiling fan...

More updates to come in the next few days... In between naps, we'll try and be a little more regular with info and pictures!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shopping has been successful!!!!!!!

I cannot believe that I do not have to haul my tush to Children's Hospital today. Instead I can stay in my tank top and shorts all day if I want too!

And amazingly, FINALLY we have a full house! :)

It's so amazing to finally have them home. Not that Matt, Cassius and Mama Sugar (as we've come to call her), or I got much sleep, nor really did Miss Sydney. Olivia slept like a champ, but Sydney is I think having some issues with how quiet our house is. She's sleeping right now like a champion through dogs barking and some football tv show. The NICU was noisy, esp. compared to what it's like here.

Mama Sugar gets VERY concerned whenever the babies cry. It's cute. She'll come and 'tell' us that they are crying and will lay outside their pack n' play, which ROCKS by the way. I ADORE our soothe and sway pack n' do the girls, it vibrates and plays music, all around a great product. Thanks Aunt Nancy and Uncle Drew, the girls love love love one of your many gifts to them! NOt to be outdone, Mr. Clay slept in the nursery last night when the girls were actually sleeping. Too bad the room doesn't have enough free floor space for a dog bed, but he didn't seem to mind. Right now he's sleeping in front of their pack n' play and keeping an eye on them for us!

There were some challenges in getting the babies home:

1- Our used stroller that was such a great deal doesn't fit our carseats. WHY we didn't figure that out before yesterday I'm not so sure, it's probably my fault, but I'm cool with that. Matt went and bought us a new one today.

2-Apparently infant pepcid is HARD to find, but we found an awesome pharmacy clerk at the Shop n' Save we stopped at (we can only get perscriptions for Matt's insurance through Shop n' Save or Dierbergs), who called around to all the other stores and found one that had their meds for us. Talk about customer service.

3-Our car is EXTREMELY cramped with the babies carseats in it. Meaning, Matt cannot put the seat back as far as he needs to so that he can drive. That stunk. I so just want to pay it off and not have a car payment for a long time, and it's ALMOST there, I think we only owe $5000 on it. :(

4-Our house is a disaster AGAIN. Oh well. Poor Juanita (our house keeper that Sharon found for us and I love). Probably the greatest thing to happen to our home in a long time! :)

5-We don't have enough bottles, but that's being solved right now. Thank GOD we live close to Babies R Us!

6- We need a nightlight.

Other than being tired, all is well. Our babies are adorable and we're VERY happy.

We'll post pictures of the Meet and greet with the dogs later, the nursery, etc.

Hope all is well for you!

PS...Laura and Angela...I loved your sign. It will go in one of the babies memory books. :) WE were however slackers and didn't take any pictures of your sign when it was up or the signs that Matt's mom and stepdad Rick put up. :( WHen Matt came in with all of them I said, didn't you take pictures of them...poor guy. He forgot and feels bad. Hopefully Rick and Sharon took pictures and knowing the scrap bookin' Queen, she probably did! :)