Saturday, April 9, 2011


One random afternoon, I had to get a baby gift for someone at Babies R Us. Since the girls are bigger now, I rarely if ever go there any more, so I did some exploring. While there I discovered a T-Ball set...and decided that the girls HAD to have, I bought it. I drove around with that sucker in my car for weeks before Matt drug it out to play with the was an instant hit! Automatic love! Thank god, because if they don't end up baseball fans, Daddy is going to NOT be a happy camper! Thankfully, they already know the Cardinal's baseball logo and ADORE Fredbird!


Hope you enjoy Baseball season!

Our First Family Picnic

...and MAN was it fun! It was a beautiful Friday afternoon, after a beautiful first full week of April, after all those mantras about April showers bringing May flowers, I was super excited that so far, the first eight days of April had been pretty dry. SO, I begged Matt to leave work at a reasonable time (like by 4:30 if possible), so that we could take the girls to the park and have a picnic....and he came through! :) Daddy made it home by 5:15 and we were off and running to the park, by way of Jimmy Johns for Mom and Dad and McDonald's for the girl's! We had so much fun! We went to Bee Tree Park, down here by our house and it was wonderful....well, until we discovered that it was/is a major cruising place for our local high schoolers, however thankfully they realized the park was taken over by toddlers, and moved to another location in the park (I think)! Remind me that my girls can NEVER go to Bee Tree Park when they are 12 and over, at least without me!

Eating our dinner....well, kind of! :)
 Playing around....they LOVE the park, and had so so much fun! :)

 The beautiful lake portion of the park....the park is divided into two sections and at the farthest portion of the right side is this beautiful lake, which is quite thankfully at least 1/2 a mile from the playground and CANNOT be seen from the playground either. There is also a nice path around it as well for walking or rollerblading!
 AFTER the park, we got some ice was a big hit and the girls had so much fun!

 MIss Olivia playing at the park....

 Miss Sydney playing at the park.....

Hopefullyl you've enjoyed this nice weather as much as our family has!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's BAAACK....

Backyard play that is! We are so thankful in our house that winter is over and Spring is (mostly) here! ALL week long, we have enjoyed ourselves and our backyard! We've even had Cooper over to visit and play with us, as well as Andy, and of course we got some flirt time in with Mr. Bob, Andy, and then cuddle time with Miss Angie. Ms. Rhonda's been studying for her Master's, so we don't get to see her as much these days. Spring and Summer, besides being a good time for us to play outside, is our favorite time of the year because we get to harass our favorite neighbors, and man do those girls seek them out, thankfully they are super awesome, so they (and we) don't mind!

Here are some of our fun pictures from our week of backyard play, hopefully this weather holds, but since it's April, I wouldn't bet the farm on that one!

"Talking" about important things with Andy...
Even Cooper came over to visit!

Playing with our tricycle...

Miss Sydney.....pointing out something SUPER important to Andy....and Sugar, never to be forgotten, sneaking in for some snuggles!

Sometimes, we really don't get our way, and it's a shame!
Miss Olivia...she certainly LOVES the soccer set we got her, I think it helps that it's purple!

Giving Mr. Bob one of the birdie nests (a peep on top of pretzels drizzled with white chocolate) that we made with Grandma Pat...

An example of what the other 'nests' looked like......
Sugar and her buddy......playing their favorite the fence!

Hope all is well,