Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daddy's Softball Game...

So, in the grand scheme of  our summer, I have been attempting to get the girls out and about more often and introduce them to new, we decided that it would be cool to take the girls' to Daddy's work softball was a 7pm game. So, we packed into the car, stopped and got some McDonalds and headed off to the game in Forest Partk....that said, not sure if this is an experience we'll be repeating anytime soon, but the girls seemed to have a decent time. It was a hard concept to understand that Daddy had to focus on the game and NOT us. Shocker of all Shocker, we were not the center of our Daddy's attention, and we were NOT fans of it.

Maybe next year, they'll like going to the games more....I hope! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Adventures....

After such a fun filled vacation, it took me a whole day to get situated and realized that we were going to need some SERIOUS activities for the summer to keep us occupied! So, I decided that each day we would try and do something special.

Here we are playing at our favorite playground by our house......

After the playground, we may or may not have gotten a special treat, but I can't tell you that! :) It was a lot of fun, but then it started to get a little crowded and I hate being the ONLY parent who watches their kids on the playground, and it was a little past lunch time (which means crabbiness), so we headed out.

Hope All is Well,