Sunday, April 10, 2011


"Helping" is the new favorite activity at the moment. As anyone who has a toddler is already aware, often times, Help from a toddler is anything but. So, on this particular afternoon, I had to distract the girls from "helping" Matt and I too much. One of the best ways to prevent helping, I have found is to wear the girls out AND to do activities that they want to help with, during naptime. Sadly, this often means no naptime for Mom or Dad, however things tend to get done faster, which is a win win situation for anyone!

Helping Mommy, by sharing her water with each other and not arguing!

 Miss Olivia....

 Miss Sydney, "helping" by picking up things off the floor, sadly this was Daddy's disgusting, sweaty rag from yard work. ICK!

Always fun times around here!