Monday, May 10, 2010

A Wonderful Mother's Day...

We had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend! Like last year, we hosted a brunch at our home...that seems to work perfectly for all....good food in the morning and naps all around in the afternoon!

Here are Sydney and Olivia before our guests arrived....
A family picture....

Olivia and Grandma Pat, looking at the flowers (or flowies as she calls them...she's a little obsessed)!!!!!
Olivia showing her mommy her bow in her hair and her dress..she loved to twirl in her dress!
Sydney doing the same...

Olivia and her Mommy!
Sydney and her Aunt Nozomi....
Olivia and her Uncle Mike..he's a BIG sucker for her!
Uncle Mike Showing Olivia MORE flowies!

Olivia...playing with her shopping cart...they love that darn thing! It's kind of scary!

You know it's naptime when Olivia lays down to take a nap! So so cute!
In the afternoon, after all of our naps, the girls got 'new' outfits and we played outside before dinner! :) Olivia...

Sydney...that kid is PACI addicted..of course her mommy being a sucker doesn't help AND the fact that they were sick too. :(

PLaying around...

Olivia in her house...

Sydney..always on the move.....

Oddly enough the girls really like to play with the thing that holds all our firewood in the winter...WEIRD!
The girls are also TOY STORY obsessed, so here is Sydney playing with Woody and Olivia in her house! :)

Sydney...notice the wubby AND her toy in her hand...not to mention that grin. So precious!

Olivia, loves loves loves the basketball hoop we got at the Twin's club sale....she makes baskets with whatever she can find...baseketballs, sippy cups, you name it, it's been used!

Hope All is Well,

April Showers....

WE have to have had the most beautiful April on Record. Seriously, most every day was beautiful, and the girls used that to their advantage, by getting us out of the house as much as possible. All we hear is a chorus of outside, outside, or cute. And it's great to get outside..even the Boxers join us. Matt and I went to the twins club sale 2 weeks ago and got the girls some fun outside toys....a frog wheel barell that is fun to climb in, a tricyle, and a basketball net. This will join their fun water table, and I am sure a sprinkler or baby pool eventually. As well as I am sure some other fun outside stuff!

The girls are doing wonderfully, and for the most part are very happy, however lately we've been teething and so that makes for some interesting days. Sadly, I am a sucker and have been letting them carry their wubby's around b/c they don't feel good...I so need to break them of this habit! :(

Here the girls are over at my mom's celebrating Daddy's Birthday...a little late. It also happened to be a cold and rainy Sunday...the ONLY one we had in April...thankfully it started late in the afternoon! :)

MIss Olivia...they LOVE LOVE LOVE the house my mom got for free from one of her neighbors...they probalby wonder why our house is outside! :)

Miss Sydney....has been teething and was NOT a happy camper this afternoon! :(


MIss O and her Daddy! Or Da-DI as they call him!

Olivia and I...

Sydney and I.....

Sydney and Uncle Mike..

Sydney...eating her ice cream...apparently one shouldn't use the spoon, but instead their fingers to eat their ice cream!

yum...but this stuff is COLD!
Yeah...I know HOW to usea spoon, but they are so overated! :)

MIss Olivia...she prefers to use her spoon!


Olivia...sticking her fingeres in her ears so that she doesn't have to listen to her sister complain! So funny!

Playing around the day before...Mommy and Daddy went to go see a movie, so we were hanging with Nana and Papa Reid.

Shocker..Sydney is CLIMBING something! :)

Sydney wearing the basket from her play food on her head! :) So so cute!

Playing around...

Sydney stole the basket from her now.....

Olivia is super upset...pretty much normal b/c Sydney steals everything from her! She needs to be more assertive and not allow this to happen, but apparently she's a pushover like her mom!

Olivia, laying on our bed!

Sydney wearing the toy bucket on her head! :)

On Sunday, April 19th, we went out to Roy and Cathy's to celebrate our cousin Luke's Birthday...the girls had a BLAST. HEre they are on the trampoline...NO they didn't jump on it!



Playing around in our backyard....Sydney is wearing her ELMO pj's that I had just purchased for her! SHe LOVES Elmo!

Olivia...wearing her monkey backpacks...she loves monkies!

Olivia...playing ball with Andy...our neighbor!

Olivia and Andy.

Sydney and Bob (Andy's Dad and our neighbor)...she kept splashing him with the water from his hottub...The girls LOVE Mr. Bob!

Sydney and the tricycle!

Can I trade you the wheelbarrell for the tricycle?

Sydney....playing around the backyard on another afternoon! The girls LOVE to be in the backyard in the afternoons/evenings AFTER Georgine's house..and I love to bring my camera out...thus we have tons of pictures......

Sydney...smelling the beautiful Iris's that we have in our backyard!

Olivia..she LOVES her house!
Pick me up Mama......sure Olivia, but only AFTER I take this picture.

Oliva and her FLOWIES!

Look Mama...FLOWIES. She was THRILLED when I cut some Iris's and put them in a vase in the house! She kept climbing the table to get to the flowies.

'Helping' Daddy in the backyard!

WE want to go outside...NOW come those dogs are outside and WE aren't??????

Hope All is Well,