Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Craziness and Insanity rule our lives these days and it just get's more and more hectic around here. As I write this, I can literally feel my summer break and the time I have left with the girls speeding by. It's coming up so soon that I will be having to go back to work, and I'm very very sad about it. :( I love my days with the girls...yes, it's hard to go places and do things, but it's so neat waking up to their babbling on the monitor in their cribs, playing on the floor in the morning after bottles, before oatmeal, and talking and singing all day long. I am going to miss this, yes I know I'll have weekends and evenings, but it's not the same. My little bitty babies are gone..darn it WHO told them they could get big? I cried in Babies R Us last week, when I was looking at the size/length of 12 month sleepers...seriously, they have to be TOO long for my girls...I know, I refused to buy any! :( My own little rebellion about my girls getting older...I'm not ready for this AT. ALL!

The past week has been crazy busy in our house! In the last week, Olivia has learned to not only sit herself up, but has officially decided that crawling isn't that bad. A day or so AFTER Olivia learned to sit herself up, Sydney figured out how to do it as well, which was good for her, but she would often go straight from laying down to standing in her weird. What's even weirder is going in to get the girls up from naptime or in the morning and they are sitting there and waiting for me and playing.

I have noticed that the girls are becoming more and more dependent on each's cute. Often times, Olivia will not lay down for her naptime until I bring in Sydney or vice versa. They also interact more and more these days, playing with each other's hair (not so gently at times), touching eachother, singing/imitating the other. It's so adorable and this is what makes having multiples even more fun! The flip side of this, however is that They also notice when one of them is getting something the other isn' who get's their bottle first thing, etc. SO, I've been taking turns off and on so that neither of them can claim (when they are older of course), that I favored one over the other! :)

WE have been getting the house ready for the girl's upcoming birthday...god, I am not ready for on Sunday Nana Sharon called and volunteered to watch the girls for a couple hours while we did yard work and went that I'm in traction b/c I pulled a muscle in my leg during the 4 hours of yard work that we did! Craziness, but it needed to get done..I can now report that the weeds are gone and our flower beds have been remulched..THANK GOODNESS!

This is what happens when Nana watches us during nap time! Probably not much napping taking place here (despite all Nana's efforts to get us to sleep)! Oh well, at least Sydney had fun! :)

HELPING Daddy put the Wii back in the entertainment center after he took it over to the Fatzinger's for the 4th...who wants to place bets on how long it will be before Uncle Keith get's a Wii? It's fun...everyone's doing it... you should get one! :)


For the 4th, we went over to our friend's Keith & Amy's new home....we love it and had so much fun grilling with them and their adorable daughter Caroline. I must admit, as much as I love the house.. I have some SERIOUS closet envy. They have some pretty cool closets in that place!
While at K&A's, the girl's had a BLAST playing in this window in their living room by Caroline's Play area! I tried to take a picture from outside b/c the girls' were making faces at me, but it didn't come alas we only have indoor pics.

Sydney & Caroline playing...Sydney was crusing around everything she could find at the Fatzinger's house!

Sydney LOVES her Aunt they are as Amy attempts to keep Sydney from getting in trouble! :)

Olivia...playing with Caroline's toys which of course are WAY cooler than ours...b/c they are different! :)

We brought the girls' highchairs over with us since we were going to be there through the girls' lunch and definately made things easier! All 3 babies enjoyed their finger foods and played around in their highchairs!


Poor Sydney was so tired she fell asleep while eating her dinner (in her defense she didn't take a good afternoon nap)!

On Friday, July 3rd, Matt's company was closed for the 4th Holiday, so we had a great day! We took the girls' out to Breakfast at the Cracker Barrell, where EVERYONE had to comment on how cute they were or how how little they were (DRIVES me crazy when people do this), or to tell us about how they have twins, know twins, or are a twin. So fun. (note the sarcasm). The girls had fun! We came home, took naps (well, the girls' and Daddy did...Mommy continued to read her Twilight Saga novels)....then we had lunch and napped again before we went out for our first family was so fun!

A little example of what our lives are like these TOGETHER of both the girls are becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain! :)



How does this thing work? I need to text my BFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well, since I can't call anyone, I think I'll eat it! :)

Our new sippy cups from Grandma Pat...we really like these! :)

We had our first family picnic today...and we went for a nice long walk at Cliff Cave Park by our house...did you know that there is a real train that goes through there? The girl's reactions to the train were pretty funny!

Cassius had a rough day...he was so tired he fell asleep on the girls' toys.

These pictures are from Wednesday, July was just time for a photo shoot, so I took a whole bunch of pictures of the girls!
My mom came over last Saturday and we covered the box that Matt's Dad made for the hearth so that the girls won't fall on the brick and hurt that is one of their favorite places to play and in Sydney's case, one of her favorite places to walk along side!

Sydney and Cassius...Can you guess who won?


Sydney & Olivia in their new outfits from Aunt Nozomi's Mommy and Grandma in Japan! We miss her! :(



Going for a walk in our new outfits from Japan! :)

Hope all is well!
J, M, S, O, C, & SR