Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday Fun!

WHile this Saturday, happens to be the Saturday before Matt's Birthday, it also happened to be a date night for Matt and I. SO, while I was attempting to get some things done before we went out for a date, Matt was outside with the girls! As per usual these days, I have been encouraging Matt to take pictures while he's outside. The purpose of this is really twofold, one I always want cute pictures for the girls and two, Matt takes REALLY good pictures! While outside, Matt started preparing the house for my parents' visit (they always come Easter), which includes cleaning out the flower beds in the back of the house. This typically equals more iris's so, we make sure that we do this each year, especially since the girls ADORE flowers or flowies as they somtimes call them!

After folding some laundry, I took a break from my inside chores to come out and take some pictures of the girls while they were playing.......they sure do love playing in leaves! Sometimes never change!

Hope your weekend was care free.....