Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch & a Baptism!

As previously mentioned, life in our house these days is VERY VERY busy. We all run from sun up (or earlier) until bedtime! However, we make sure that on the weekends we get to take the girls out to do fun, family things. So, last weekend we ventured off to the Pumpkin Patch and MAN did we have was chilly, but we all had a great time at the pumpkin patch!

It was so cute to see the girls interacting with each other and the wonder on their faces as to what all the 'stuff' outside was! Olivia has taken to calling her pumpkin a ball and just the other night, pitched a fit b/c Daddy wouldn't let her play with her, he gave in and put her pumpkin on the ground for her to play with! It was super cute...too bad she has literally 8 other balls that she could throw around and actually pick up, unlike her pumpkin!

Because it was going to be chilly last weekend, I had to go out and get the girls some winter jackets. They do have winter coats, but everything I have been reading lately tells me that the girls need to be put in jackets in their carseats to maintain the integrity and safety of the carseats. SO, I set off on a mission to find the girls some fleece jackets. Thankfully, Old Navy didn't let me down...well, they sort of did...notice that the girls are wearing the same jacket, but in different colors....their first official coordinating outfits purchased by mommy. Sydney always get's anything in pink, her sippy is always pink, so she received the all pink jacket and Olivia received the brown jacket because it has purple hearts on it and she always gets things that are purple...her sippy is purple...even though Sydney is drawn to her cup..but Sydney's not a fan of sharing too much! :) Notice that the girls hats are a little big....the xs size was too small, so we are wearing size s hats...the gloves may never fit, but oh well, they are super cute!

Last night, Daddy went out of town to the MU game and Mommy stayed home with the girlies..they were wonderful...however the loss of power at 1 am and lack of power this morning, threw me for a loop, but we all survived, and the girls are now fascinated with candles! Shockingly enough I haven't been lighting many candles around them, so they weren't very familiar with them! The one thing that did not bode so well for the lack of power was the fact that the girls didn't get a breathing treatment this morning, but Ameren UE and I are now on the same page about this and I will be having my pediatrician fill out some paperwork for them that will help them 'consider' our power a priority. Georgine, our sitter, thankfully had power and helped me out with these...however she did inform me this afternoon when I called to check in that she had lost power AGAIN this morning, but that it is now back on as of 2 pm..which is good, and we now have power FINALLY as well! THank god, though I know Nana Sharon and Papa Rick would have taken us in gladly had we called! :)

Girls news...Olivia is a great little walker and her new trick is that if you ask her to get her monkey she'll go find it and bring it to cute and she'll walk around making a monkey noise (the aaaah part)! Olivia STILL does not have any teeth, but is teething pretty hard rightn now! :( Sydney..well, Georgine informs me that she walks...which I have suspected for awhile, and last night she officially walked for me, but after a few steps she goes back into crawling mode. I suspect it's so that she'll get more cuddles! My little manipulator! :) She still just has her 2 bottom teeth.

Our news...not too much is going on with Matt and I...I joined weight watchers 3 weeks ago and have lost 7 pounds...go me. I'm hoping for at least 15 down by the holidays and then I'll negotiate from there...I'd really love to be my wedding weight again, but that might require an entire new wardrobe and we cannot necessairly afford that! :) Matt's been traveling a bit for work, October is a busy month for him. :( In November he has his big company visit, so after Nov 6th, his craziness should subside a bit! :) Cassius and Sugar are doing well...just as crazy as always...they continue to be just fabulously wonderful with the girls....very very patient, esp. Cassius who isn't always the most patient with Sugar. Sugar continues to be a Mommy's girl, looking for every cuddle and bit of attention that she can get. STINKER!

The girls were baptized 2 weeks ago, thankfully it all went well and we have some super awesome god parents, that they both love! :) We had a great time at the small luncheon we threw at our home that afternoon!

Well, here are some more pictures!

Sydney at the pumpkin patch...

Really, I can stand up?????????

Get this hat OFF!!!!!!!

Sydney and Daddy!

Olivia...lounging in the pumpkin cart....Daddy did this to her! :)

Ohhhhhhhhhh Mommy...why are you taking my picture this handle thing feels weird!

Did you know that there is such a thing as an ALBINO pumpkin? Matt was fascinated, as was Olivia!

So, we tried to get a picture of them both standing by the pumpkins...notice it's not working so well!

Thankfully they couldn't climb OFF of the pumpkins so we got some cute pictures!

The girls and I...

Daddy and the girls...

The Fatzingers joined us at the pumpkin was a great time...

A family picture at the pumpkin patch...

The Fatzinger's....

Caroline LOVED the pumpkin patch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHe's such a cutie!

Caroline and her mama!

Some Baptism Pictures.....

The girls and their Godparents..... From Left to Right...Aunt Amy, Aunt Gretchen, Uncle Mike, and Uncle Keith!

Nana Sharon, Papa Rick, Grandma Vicki, Papa Gale and the girls on their Baptism...

The girls and Grandma Pat and Uncle Mike and Aunt Nozomi!

Caroline playing around with the girls at the luncheon... she hung out with her Uncle Kurt during church...I'll bet he was super tired since his kids are 'older' now! :)

Olivia hugging her puppy dog...she puts herself down for naps these days when she's cute!

Sydney trying to escape out the front door...

Playing together....

Olivia.... helping us as we reclaimed our living room a couple weeks ago!

Sydney....sitting in front of the 'blockade' of laundry baskets....those are now gone and we have a gate in their my living room looks MUCH better! :)

Hope all is well,