Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day..

As has been our family tradition, since the girls were born, we have hosted a Mother's Day brunch...and this year was no exception! It was a beautiful day here in STL!

My mom has been watching the girls for the past year on Wednesday's (Matt's mom is still doing Monday's when they are not travelling), and apparently, this week, she and the girls made me a Mother's Day gift, it was very difficult convincing the girls that they couldn't tell me ALL about my present they made me until Sunday....I think it's because I have trained them to tell me all about their day and what they did, was cute! 

Here are the girls, bringing me flowers that 'they' purchased with Grandma Pat.....

Giving me their homemade cards (they may have eaten off one of the flowers (made from fruit loops)....:)
Fruitloop necklaces and a bracelet.....made with red licorice strings and cute!

EATING my necklace...stinker...they each had to have a bite! :)
"HELPING" get ready for brunch....
it was absolutely beautiful, so we ate brunch outside....the girls ate at 'their' table....Sugar helped too!
The obligatory outfit change, just before naptime....bubbles with Grandma Pat.....
Olivia...played a little baseball with Neena....
Our Mother's Day family picture....we did this BEFORE brunch, while the girls were in a good mood!:)

I had a pretty fabulous Mother's you babies and Daddy, of course! Thanks for making my Day pretty awesome!