Monday, March 9, 2009

A Taste of Spring!

Sorry for the long updates between is a little crazier around the house these days! We are eagerly anticipating mobile children (crawlers) in the not too distant future. I have noticed that what little 'spare' time we previously had is now eaten up doing fun things like playing games with the girls and hearing giggles and lots and lots of babbling. WE sit up now...mostly on our own, but we still fall! :) Love petting the dogs too...that's one of our new favorite things! Also, we've been, fun. Especially Miss. Sydney who is NOT too happy about it.

For the past few days in STL we've had a taste of spring like weather. So nice in fact that for 2 nights we slept with ALL the windows open! It was awesome and depressing at the same time as it's going to get cool again later on this week!

So, in honor of the nice weather we've been taking cute baby pictures! We are soooooooooo looking forward to the end of RSV season and family outings. We actually took the girls out for the first time this weekend...we went to breakfast and then to Sams...of course they stayed in their carseats the whole time, BUT I did wipe it down with sanitizing wipes anyways. WEll, you never know! :) We also spent QUITE a bit of time outside with our jogging stroller that my Dad and Carol gave us for our baby shower...LOVE LOVE LOVE it...and surprise bonus...I got more stress relief from exercising!

Our first time in the jogging was only 60 outside, so mom had to bundle us up to make sure we didn't get cold in the wind!

On our walk where no less than 4 people told us how cute and perfect we were/are! Mom and Dad of course agree!

Next week is Spring Break and I cannot wait for some time off! :) I'm even looking forward to summer! :) As always! THis weekend we were talking about our last SPring Break and how I spent the entire time on the couch sick as a dog...yeah, won't be doing too much of that this break...instead I'll be playing with my 2 adorable babies whom we both love more than life itself. Hopefully it will warm up again and we can take the babies out and play!

" this mine? It looks like mine...if not too bad...I want it." "Okay...I'm ready for kindergarden, I can share already!"

Olivia giggling it up in her Hawaiian Dress that FINALLY almost fits her...from my Dad! :)

Sydney in her extrasaucer...playing with her teether! She loves that thing!

Sydney going for a walk!

Livi going for a walk!
So, on Wednesday we get our last official RSV shot, we may get another one in April but that all depends on the CDC, so we may be even more particular about visitors in APril/May depending on how the RSV season is going. The RSV vaccine only lasts for a month and then it out of their system.
ON a sad note, I'd like to remind everyone how precious family is. Two families I know have recently been hit by tragedies lately. The first is a family from a multiples chat site that I visit (where I've learned TONS and the same site that I credit causing me to go to the hospital on May 16), both of their twin girls (identicals) were diagnosed 6 weeks ago with Werding-Hoffman's disease or SMA1, which is the number 1 genetic killer of children. It's a tragic disease that heartbreakingly claimed the lives of their twins 6 weeks after diagnosis. Please say a prayer for Sydney and her twin sister Caryanne and their parents Jake and Brook during this tough time. Their blog is on our homepage as I am follower of their blog. It is the Sweet Girlies Blog.
Also, my friend Amy whose husband Matt was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in May while I was in the hospital. Matt and Amy's daughter Mattie was born in December and is perfect and the spitting image of her Daddy who went to stay with god on Saturday morning after a long hard battle. Please pray for them as well during this tough time.

Hopefully the rest of the year is much happier for all...and we hope that everyone is getting ready to enjoy their upcoming spring and Easter Holidays!
M, J, S, & O

HEre are some new pics for everyone to enjoy!