Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I knew this day would come...

....the girls FINALLY got sick. :( This would be why we are such slackers and haven't posted anything lately. :( Our days and nights for the last 2 weeks have been consumed with breathing treatments....X's 2, and it sucks. It's absolutely HORRIBLE to see your babies sick and know that there isn't really any medication that they can take to make them better. The good news is that now we have our own breathing treatment machine and all that jazz. Now at the first sign of a cough or cold we have to do these treatments, which the girls alternate between loving and hating. However, sometimes you can bribe them with Yo Gabba Gabba, their favorite TV show. I know, sad to admit that we already bribe our kids AND that we use TV, but it's better than fighting them to give them medical care that they HAVE to have. Know what I mean???

In other news...the girls were 1 year adjusted last weekend. What this means is that they are their correct gestational age as to when they were supposed to have been born. All of their developmental milestones, etc are measured from. Thankfully, they seem to be right on schedule developmentally! Both girls weigh in at 17 lbs and some change. Still tiny, but one would NEVER know that from the way they are eating us out of house and home. Thankfully we've caught a eating break and they LOVE table food. After all the trouble we had with nursing and bottles, THANK GOD. They are actually even loving their bottles (well, of whole milk) these days...but now we are working on the transition to sippy cups. Fun times!

Olivia can walk, Sydney has 2 teeth. When Olivia will have teeth one never for walking and Sydney...well, she's working on it, crawling just seems to work for her! BUT she has been showing more interest in walking with the car walker these days than she has previously, so hopefully she'll figure it out soon. Sydney's current FAVORITE thing is climbing. She climbs everything...including the couch, ottoman, dogs, play kitchen, hearth, and of course she TRIES to climb out of her crib and the baby gate. Yeah, we're in for some FUN times with her!

Both girls talk...their joint words include Ball, Mama, and Dada. Sydney says dog and Olivia says yeah! Olivia will try and imitate words that you say, it's so cute! The love to screech at each other and it is VERY obvious that they think they own each other...and all of their toys. We now have fights over things, and we try to tell them not to take things from each other, but they are a little to young to understand. SO, we share everything, especially pacis and sippy cups. :(

The girls continue to love love love daycare. Georgine informs me that they have several girl and boy friends that they love to play with! Go girls! :)

In other news...this coming weekend, the girls are getting baptized!

Last Monday, Papa Rick was out of town on a golfing trip, so Nana Sharon watched us by herself! We convinced her to stay for dinner and the girls rewarded her by putting food on their heads for them. What can I say, it was their first attempt at broccoli. They ate it, but I see more attempts in their future!



Sydney doing her new FAVORITE drives Matt and I batty b/c we're afraid she's going to hurt herself...seriously! :(

Yep...hurt herself, but nothing so serious that cuddles with Daddy can't fix!

Playing with the dog's ball...Olivia LOVES to say the word BALL as does Sydney!

Rocking it out in our new cut outfits from Nana Sharon! We hit the jackpot and she got the girls several very cute outfits!

Hanging at the Metzler Family reunion! Everyone thought we looked super cute!

Playing around! usual. I think I say Sydney NO NO in my sleep.

MAMA, I LOVE THIS DOG! And I say dog too! So cute!

Olivia...showing off her new talent...WALKING!

Sitting on the music cube...she's been doing that lately and it's super cute!

Our new 'favorite' thing to do...fight. Makes us batty. :(

Playing around before Bath time!
Sydney LOVES shutting doors!

Olivia Rockin' it out....

Playing around with Daddy, in this particular picture he had just gotten home from a business trip, we all missed him! :)

Having Bronchitis apparently didn't phase the girls....playing around!

Playing around on Draft day! :)

And Aunt Amy wondered when she showed up why the Dog bowls were in the unused Pack N' Play! :) THIS would be why.

Aunt Amy and Cousin Caroline came over during Draft Day as a distraction to play with the girls...all had fun!

Waving goodbye...we miss you already!

Cassius and Sugar were TIRED by the time Caroline left! :) I think they were afraid that Amy would leave her and now they'd have 3 babies..I think the mobility of the girls freaks them out a little! But, they continue to be FABULOUS with the girls!

Playing with our new toys from Target...and yes, that is a kickball, but the girls (Olivia especially), LOVE that thing! future dancer, rockin' it out to the Mizzou Fight song on her Truman the Tiger toy! :)

The girls LOVE looking out the front door!

Sydney..just chillin' before watching the Tigers BEAT Illinios! What a sweet victory (aren't they all!)?????????

"Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to play with these, but they make cool noises!" Sadly, I think she has a career as a drummer some day!

Hope all is well!