Sunday, March 20, 2011

All Good Things Come to an End.....:(

...this of course refers to my Spring Break. Sad to say it's over (especially since I am writing this WAY after Spring Break is over). For the last Saturday of my Spring Break, we ran errands (a trip to Costco and Target) and then ordered some pizza and came home to eat it. Sunday, my last official day, I am planning on doing NOTHING (well, some laundry and fun stuff like that), so that I can chill and be ready to face the rat race.  Spring Break was great, especially the last couple days off with Matt. It's so fun to be off with the girls together and do whatever we want to do!

Here are some pictures of the girls in their new Ballerina dresses from Old Navy that I bought off the clearance rack to day....they sure do enjoy dancing, especially when we whip out the Glee music! :)

Hope All is Well,