Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope that everyone had a fabulous fabulous Holiday weekend! I know that we did our house! Easter is fast becoming my actual favorite holiday! I know that the girls really love it and that Matt enjoyed the weekend as well! :)

Our Easter Weekend started out on Thursday, when my dad and Carol showed up for their 'annual' visit to see the girls....we had a fun packed weekend planned and it most certainly lived up to expectations! :)

On Thursday evening, we all (Grandma, GrandDude, as well as Uncle Mike and Aunt Nozomi)went out to dinner at Mama Campisi's on the hill here in STL. If you haven't been there, I highly recommend that you get the veal Gabriela...that's what Matt got and it was dinner was great too, but not as awesome as Matt's! They had GREAT GREAT GREAT customer service. When we arrived, the girls were distracted by the balloons they had in front of the restaurant and very upset b/c they wanted to play with them...well, their fabulous staff got each of the girls their OWN balloons. How sweet was that. However, the girls were both fussy, and in the end we asked to be seated outside on their patio...and it was the perfect weather for it. Our meal was fabulous, the company was fabulous, the rambuncious 21month olds were interesting. We haven't been napping so well for Miss Georgine and it showed. A 1 hour nap is NOT ideal for the poor girls! THat night we went home after dinner and relaxed after dinner....while the girls went to bed. However, it's important to note that after dinner and her bath, Sydney learned how to say Mikey and Michael, as an attempt to get out of having to get her pjs put on, she was chanting his name to be 'saved' sadly, he didn't hear her and she had to get dressed anyways! (More on this later!)! :)

On Friday morning, we got up early and took the girls to Purina Farms to see the baby animals/Easter Village thing they had set up. The girls had so so much fun. Sydney loved all the puppies and they both loved being able to pet the animals, especially the bunnies, chicks, and kitties. Sydney was nuzzled by a piglet, which she thought was hilarious, but Miss Olivia who is obsessed with We-We's as she calls pigs, just wanted to look at the piglets, there was NO convincing her to pet them! That afternoon, after nap time, we played in the backyard (our new favorite thing to do) and then had a family dinner with Aunt Nancy and Uncle John who came into was so great to see them! We all had a great time!

Saturday, was pretty much like any other Saturday! Carol and I got up and went to David's Bridal so that I could order my dress for Uncle Sean's wedding and then we met the girls, Daddy, and GrandDude for lunch out with the girls at Buffalo Wild WIngs....always a hit for all of us. The girls LOVE their naked tenders (at which point in time Sydney starts yelling Nakey Nakey Nakey), she was especially impressed by the fact that Mommy gave her, her 'own' thing of BBQ sauce to eat her chicken and fries with. Adorable, but offering her nasty re-dipped about 10 times french fries to her mom and dad wasn't so cool! icky! The girls went home and took a nap, as did I, until Carol came hom and we ran some errands...I can't reveal what exactly happened on those errands, but let's just say they were costly! And NOT for me! :) I did score some super cute shoes on clearance for the girls in their next size up for fall/winter! YAY! That night, Matt and I went out to dinner, while Grandma, GrandDude, Aunt Nancy, Uncle John, and Mike & Nozomi had baby duty! Apparently Miss Sydney was NOT so happy about getting out of the bathtub, guess I forgot to tell them the new trick to getting them have to drain ALL the water first! Stinky! Matt and I had Pi and dessert with Keith and Amy...last minute, as in 4 hours before, decision, and it was fabulous to hang out with them!

Sunday was Easter! Matt made us all breakfast and then we were off and running. Man it's nice to have the holiday's at your house, but it certinaly does suck to have to get it all cleaned up. I always get stressed out about the mess and how the house looks. I also think the fact that our fridge is small doesn't help a lot of those issues. :( ONE Of these days I am getting a bigger fridge, but since we have a new furnace, airconditioner, and water heater, I don't think that is going to happen NOW or any time soon...sure will make hosting holidays on warm weekends much easier! :) It was super sad for the girls when my Dad and Carol had to leave early...stupid airline companies and their crappy flight schedules. :( But you could tell they just had so so much fun hanging with ALMOST all their grandparents!

Enjoy the pics below and recaps of what they are:
Here is Miss Olivia at the end of the weekend..this is Sunday night after everyone has gone home.....she was TIRED! Of course it didn't help that she took only a 2 hour nap instead of the 4 hours her sister took!

Miss Sydney...all ready for bed, playing with her new stuffed bunny that the Easter Bunny got's super soft and fluffy!

After all the festivities, we put the girls in a different they are playing around before dinner.

Miss Sydney and her wubby!

MIss Olivia Playing with her stacking blocks...she loves these things!

Just Playing around...

"Sharing" Their Elmo couch...sometimes that doesn't work so well. Guess we'll need to get another one eventually! :)

Fighting over their wants to push it and the other wants to drive it..unfortunately they cannot seem to agree on what to do when. I have a feeling this is going to happen A LOT. :(

After the girls were BOTH up from their NAP, Matt and I decided to have an impromptu Easter Egg hunt. The eggs were a last minute purchase from the $1 section at Target, so we decided to put them to good use....the Bunny filled them with a few jelly beans and some yaya's (Cheerios), it was so cute to see the girls collect them, but they didn't quite get the hint that they were supposed to be put into the baskets when they were 'found' they just wanted to carry them around!

Miss Sydney.....playing around!

What the heck...these things fall out of there...why put them in, in the first place? Mom...can I wear this bowl on my head?

Miss sure is fun to swing the buckets around....but only when they are empty.

Mom...I'm going to start my own little pile of eggs over here...okay?

WOW..there are some in the HOUSE! :)

Olivia enjoyed carring around BOTH baskets, but then decided that it was better to pull the eggs OUT of the basket and carry them around empty!

Playing around after Easter Lunch....Miss Olivia...

Olivia playing with Bubbles....

Miss her onsie that she was wearing UNDER her dress......

Sydney's new favorite thing to do in the WHOLE world is to undress and announce that she is nakey. Georgine tells me that in 15 years of taking care of children she has NEVER seen two kids who can get undressed faster. WHich, would explain why Sydney gets her dress off so fast in these pics. She THEN ran around the backyard announcing she was nakey. It's a good thing she couldn't get her onsie off OR she would have really been nakey....and probably sun burned since it was so nice and sunny outside!

The girls LOVE to run up and down the small hill in our backyard! makes for cheap entertainment.

More bubbles with Nana Sharon....the girls felt the urge to get ALL of us to blow bubbles..some of us were lucky enough to have the entire bubble wand SHOVED into our mouths. Fun times...they sure do taste nasty too!

Miss Olivia...playing around on Saturday afternoon.

Olivia...testing to see if Mommy is going to call her on her doing something she is NOT supposed to! stinker!

Olivia with Grandma Carol.....

Sydney, Playing around on the back step...she loves it!

Sydney was thinking that Cookie Monster was she gave him a cheez-it.

Out to lunch on Sat with GrandDude and Grandma Carol.

Playing around in the backyard on Friday after Purina Farms. WE had to change shirts due to a little mess that Miss Sydney made in her crib. It wasn't pretty. :(

Sydney and Grandma Carol

Miss Olivia....

Our new favorite backyard toy is the yard funnel. Thanks Daddy! :)

Olivia sitting in the top of the funnel, Sydney is riding her car...apparently straight into her house!

In our super heroes shirts that we wore to Purina Farms...BEFORE nap time! :)

MIss Sydney, watching the dog show on Daddy's lap!

Be nice to the puppy!

Olivia thinks it's funny that they have puppies that look like Cassius and Sugar here!
Wearing Daddy's sunglasses! :)

Olivia and Mommy..

Thursday night dinner out!

Miss Olivia...eating her Cheez-its on her plate!

Sydney, her Daddy, and DUCKIE...she just would not calm down and eat without. Sometimes you just have to learn to fight your battles! :)

Apparently open glasses are the best thing ever...well, those and ICE.
One afternoon we discovered the dog much fun to play INSIDE of! :)


Mom...can I lock her in here????

Out to lunch for Daddy's Birthday....Miss Olivia and Daddy!

Sydney grinning away! :)

Hope all is well,