Sunday, April 4, 2010

March Pictures....

March was a super crazy, busy month for us. We completely slacked on the blog, but I wanted to make sure that I got these pictures on here for those of you who are not on Facebook to see! :) The girsl continue to get bigger and every day they are learning new things, some that are maybe things I thought they'd wait a little while on (like opening the garage door)! :)

Miss Olivia in her toy continually amuses her to dump all the toys out and then climb in the basket...cute but messy.
Miss Sydney playing with her bristle blocks. Man do I hate those things...they HURT when you step on them! :( Especially at 5 in the morning if we've missed picking up one the evening before!
On Sat, March 6, we went to Gretchen and Jason's house for Tia's birthday party! The girls were stylin in their adorable vests from Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Jason and Sydney in particular was so excited to wear her super cute boots that she LOVES (also from Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Jason) to their house. WE had a great time. Poor Kyra though, she was not so happy that the girls were playing in and on her bed. She shared her toys just perfectly, but not so much her bed. :) I cannot believe how big Tia is...8 years old. Man time flies!

Olivia and her Papa. She's such a shameful Papa's's adorable!

On Sunday, March 7th, we went over to my Friend and Fabulous Photographer Stephanie's house for her son Eli's 2nd birthday. Eli LOVES trains, well, anything transportation related. SO, the them for his party was trains, which is why the girls have adorable conductor's hats and handkerchiefs to wear around.
Here is Miss Olivia playing around AFTER her nap AFTER Eli's party!

Olivia Rockin' her conductor's hat.

Some days they love hats and others...not so much. This day, Olivia was a BIG fan!

Sydney was not so happy about the hat...until she discovered the snaps on the back. She made us crazy asking us to resnap it continuously. Poor kiddo!

Running to the car after Eli's was a BEAUTIFUL day to have a party! Sydney is wearing the red handkerchief and Olivia is looking at the camera!

Ooops! That's what happens when you run too fast!

The girls were introduced to balloons at Eli's party. Miss Stephanie gave all the kiddos balloons on the way home. This has started a love afair in our home with lalaloons as Olivia calls's super cute. However, she's not such the fan when the helium starts to go and they float to the bottom of the floor. :(
Here the girls passed our car, as Daddy points out to them!

Playing around after we get home from the party..BEFORE lunch and naptime!

LEtting the dogs out of their cages is our new favorite thing...well AND playing inside the cages once they have been vacated! :)
MIss Sydney before NAP time! :) Playing with Sugar's toys is always fun too! :)

Sugar is funny! :)

Sydney's BFF..her wubby!

Miss Olivia....

She loves her wubby too, but not as much as her Sister does! :)

Our other new favorite trick is moving the dining room chairs and climbing into them. We especially like to see the babies...on Mommy's computer. One of these days we'll realize that those babies are US...well, we do know that one of the babies is our sissy, but we're not sure who the other baby is! :)

One fun Sunday Afternoon, Daddy went out with the boys, so we hung out with Mommy. After our nap we have a here we are...snacking and watching Yo Gabba Gabba! Our favorite!

Poor Cassius...he had to dress up..this is what happens when we watch the Dress up YGG show! :) "Let's all put on a Funny Hat, a Funny Hat" the girls put on their hats and apparently Cassius needed to put on one of their hats too. IT was too cute to not take a picture of!
Miss Olivia...

Miss O is partial to Foofa as her favorite YGG she is watching YGG and hanging on to Foofa! :)

Miss Sydney...playing with her farm! :)
Miss S is very fond of Toodie as her favorite YGG she is hanging with her and watching YGG!

Sydney LOVES the puppies...thank GOD we have great she is...petting Cassius or Cai as she calls him (imagine a long A and I when that's pronounced)'s adorable. He deals with it and is never snippy towards them....his attitude towards Sugar is a different story!

Playing around at Grandma Pat's house.....
Miss Sydney and a duckie she found in the basement...she loves duckies! It's cute!
One of my mom's neighbors was getting rid of this house, so mom took it, cleaned it up and it's how in her basement for the girls' to play with! They love it! So cute and such a great idea!

Miss Olivia...

Playing of the best parts of having multiples...a built in playmate and best friend. So so cute. I hope they grow up and are close to each other! :)

Miss O being was so weird to pick her up from Miss Georgine's house and for her to be dressed in Pink...PINK is typically Sydney's color, but Miss GiGi as the girls call her now forgot! It took everything within me NOT to change them back when we go home, but I decided not to! :)
Miss Sydney and her puppy backpack...they LOVE to clip those clips! Cute! :)

Hope all is Well,

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