Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Festival...

Matt and I are foodies, we love food (can't you tell), and part of this love affair is attending fun festivals that have amazing food for us to 'taste'. So, this past weekend, we celebrated the first week of school by attending the Festival of Nations, which is always a good time (Especially for the YUMMY food)! YAY. The girls had so so much fun, hearing the music, watching different performers, AND enjoying whatever yummy food they could sucker us into getting them! :) SURE, they don't necessairly NEED a stroller anymore, but in crowds, it's much easier to keep them contained AND safer to ensure they don't wander off...a.nd quite honestly it's a LONG LONG way for them to walk.

 EXHAUSTED, after fun times!
Hope all is well,

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Last Day of Summer...

....for me, that is, was today, and since it was my last day off, Matt took the day off too! It was such a great day! We decided that we'd do it up and took the girls to the zoo for the day, which was awesome! However, apparently everyone else decided that today was a great zoo day too!  It's so strange going places with the girls now, while they aren't necessairly ready to give up their stroller, they still aren't ready to walk everywhere, so we're learning how to juggle a combination of walking and 'riding'. I must say it makes me nervous, mainly because sometimes we still don't listen too well and then we end up running after them or constantly yelling at them to slow down or come back (which is no fun, at all)...and it's hard to just 'leave' your stroller places and run after them. But, we did well today, I think!

Hanging with Daddy......

 All over the zoo they had little learning centers set up where the kids could learn about different animals and then touch their pelt and see what they feel like.

 The ever popular carousel....we forgot about the free rides before time we'll get their earlier so that the girls can ride more, since the darned thing is $$$ and they love it!

 Catching a ride with Daddy.....
 Out and about so that we can see the animals in their enclosures better.....
 The stingray exhibit was awesome, even if it did stink! Here Matt and the girls are attempting to pet a stingray...I know Olivia got to touch one, but I'm pretty sure Sydney didn't. She was a little freaked out by them!
 We ate lunch off the lake....the girls had a great time at lunch....

 ahhh....the goats. I HATE goats, I think you should know that (pretty sure I've mentioned this stems from an awful even in my childhood involving my coat, cheezits, stroller, and of course, a goat. It still makes me shudder. Needless to say, that afternoon at Grants Farm ruined goats for me. However, sometimes as parents we make sacrifices for our children. It's tough, but sometimes we have to do it....thus I try really hard for about 30 minutes everytime we go to the zoo to pretend that I like goats, while my girls torture the poor animals who have the misfortune of being zoo goats. I'm not sure a steady food source is worth it, seriously. Those animals have it BAD......imagine thousands of little hands touching you on a regular basis, it would mak you shudder and be evil too!

 Sydney was quite facinated with the two kids she saw...she kept telling me they were twins like her and was super duper cute!

 This giraffe was HILARIOUS.....was totally into the crowd today...too bad the Mommy and Baby Giraffe weren't, they were hiding in the back of their enclosure, probably trying to get away from the noise.
 Riding on a train, riding on a to the carousel, the train was a close second in favorite places at the zoo! YAY..great way to 'see' most of the zoo!

 On our way home, we stopped and got some Ted Drewes.....

Ted Drewes was quite a hit, and a perfect way to end such a perfect day!  School with kids starts on, did summer go fast!

Hope all is well for you and yours!