Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2012

One Little, TWO Little....

Indians! The girls made these Indian hats in Preschool, and were running around the house pretending to be Indians...what a way to start Thanksgiving Break!  I tried REALLY hard to explain the purpose of Thanksgiving and why it's so important in American History and to us today, but they didn't get it...really, Oh well, I'll try again next year! :) Persistance is the key, as I have learned! :)

This year for THanksgiving, we all went down to Neena and PaPa's house. It was fabulous as always. THis was our first Thanksgiving without Uncle Mikey and it was weird, for all of us I think. Oh well, guess we need to get used to the new normal. Poor Uncle MIkey. The girls were happy to talk to him and Aunt Zomi on the phone later on in the evening. :)

After dinner, Susan, Dan, Megan, and Chet came over. They were supposed to be in KC with Megan, but Chet's Dad got sick last minute, so they loaded all their food in the car, drove to Susan and Dan's house in STL and then came down to Sharon's b/c we're awesome....I think they are using me for my kids, but oh well! We love them anyways! I don't have a TON of pictures because I was actually using Megan's camera (we have the same one), but here are some of our pictures from Thanksgiving.

 Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.........

Grandpa Gale and Grandma Vicki also came down to Neena' we are with our Dolls that Grandpa got for us....they actually wear larger clothing than Sydney and Olivia do.

Dressing up....
 Miss O modeling in front of Neena's Christmas Tree...sure haven't seen that one in's been a good 4 years since she's put up the WHOLE tree. Even more exciting....if you found the pickle Neena would give you some fruit snacks! :)
 Sydney and Chet...of COURSE she flirted with him! :)

 Megan and Olivia....

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope yours was as great as ours!