Monday, January 17, 2011

A Fun Fabulous Sunday!

We had a fabulous weekend! (Well, actually, depending on what you think, I may be speaking a little pre-emptively), as it is still Monday of MLK week, so technically I am still on the weekend! :)

Anyways, Saturday the girls got to spend some time with their Neena and Papa, and Mom and Dad went out to do some grocery shopping and then lunch (always a good time)! Matt and I went out to Kenrick's Meat Market (formerly owned by my Grandpa's cousin) and got some great meat cuts for the week (read this as great= $$), and then to an Italian Market (where I in the spirit of fun, purchased some wine from Pasa Robles under the label of Purple Cowboy, Robust Red (supposidly like a Cabernet)...I sure hope it's not too bad!) :) We had intended on trying it on Sat night, but then my stomach started acting up and Matt had a horrible, horrible migraine. :( So, we intend to have a little taste tonight! For lunch we went to a sports pub that opened by our house, to watch the Mizzou game (that they lost...of course). :(  After Naptime (which is always short for Miss Olivia), Olivia and I ran out to do some shopping for Miss Stephanie's Birthday Present. Olivia picked out ALL of Stephanie's Presents....we got her some cute spring Monkey Jammies, and then 2 shirts with butterflies on them (one shortsleeved and one longsleeved). Her other gift is going to be a pillow pet because the girls adore theres and quite frankly, EVERY kid needs a pillow pet! :)

Sunday, we took the girls to Stephanie's Birthday Party. Seriously, I cannot believe she is 3 already. That is nutso. 3 Years ago (actually today), I told Nancy that I was pregnant (right after she'd had Miss Stephanie and could talk)...and then  I didn't even get to see her on the day she was born because I had a flight out that afternoon to go to San Francisco to meet up with Matt and my Dad and Stepmom. We had so much fun that weekend, the highlight being of course in this little itty bitty Italian restaurant when we told my Dad and Carol that we were pregnant. They were so cute...and then they finally realized why I (wino of all times), kept turning down all the yummy wine they'd purchased (some of it particularly with me in mind)! So fun. Little did we know that we were going to have TWINS. Craziness. But I digress...the cool part about being able to tell Nancy that we were pregnant was so that our kids could grow up together, and if we lived in the same district as them, our girls would all go to school together! Craziness.  I must admit that we don't get together with them as much as I would like, mainly because it's such a pain to pack up all our junk, but one of our New Year's resolutions was to get the girls out we'll be remedying that soon!

Anyways, Stephanie's Birthday party was at her most favorite place EVER...The Little GYM! The girls had so much fun, guess we'll need to rearrange our budget and see if we can work this in, at least for a little bit, but we'll see it's super expensive (really only because we have two tuitions to pay for). I know that next year, I would really like to get the girls into dance, I did that as a kid and loved it, it was so much fun!

 The girls had an absolute blast, but it was VERY apparent that they don't follow directions well. :( Drives me bonkers at home, and we've been working on this forever, but apparently we're not being that effective. Maybe getting out more will help us improve this.

Attempting to line up against the wall.....

Sydney Enjoying the Little Gym....

Olivia, enjoying The Little Gym...

The Birthday Girl...Stephanie and her super cool Tinkerbell Cake, made by her mommy!

All the kids at the party...well, most of them! :)
 Olivia and her Chocolate cake...and ice cream!

 Sydney...enjoying her Chocolate cake!

After Miss Stephanie's Birthday Party, we went over to Grandma Pat's house for dinner with Uncle Mike and Aunt Zomi.

On our way to my mom's house we drove by the Hurricane damage in Sunset Hills. One of our favorite parks was destroyed...well, the only thing doing well were the bathrooms at the pavilion and then the jungle gyms seem to be okay. The Two Sided Brick pavilion was destroyed, as were the Tennis courts and of course all the beautiful trees. SO sad. Especially, when you saw some of the homes that were destroyed. The ONLY good thing to come out of this was that no one was injured.

The girls had a great time playing around with Uncle Mike and tormenting Grandma's Dog...Maddie. Poor Maddie, bet she's happy when the girls leave! The girls were super tired though, so we didn't stay around very long at all (not that we usually do, because bedtime is 8:15), and it's very important that the girls get to bed ontime these days (especially since we've been getting up earlier and earlier now that we are in toddler beds. Oy.

 Arriving at Grandma's..........

Today (Monday), we are going to run out to Sams and then come home for what will hopefully be a long winter's nap!

Happy MLK Weekend to you, Hope it was as fun as ours was!