Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dress Up!

SO, our house has been sick now for 2 weeks...fun times, but before that I had some great pictures picked out for our blog, SOOOOOOOOO, here goes! I figure we'll have another update after Halloween, so I'll write more then! :)

I thought the Boxers needed some BLOG time too...seriously, how cute is this???? They LOVE to cuddle on the couch these days....it had been a LONG Sunday, what better way to end the day than cuddling on the couch!???

Olivia and her scrunchy face she does when she's being silly!

Sydney LOVES the front door!

Sydney and her hat....we were watching Yo Gabba Gabba and the characters were dressing up(they each got a new fun hat to wear)..so Sydney got out her hat and put it on herself...so cute and impressive that she did this on her own!

Sydney says YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Playing around with Daddy! :) We love Friday night fun nights! :)

Olivia and her monkey....if you tell Olivia to get her monkey, she will locate it and bring it to you..so stinkin' cute!

Olivia and her car...both she and Sydney know how to sit on it and drive in reverse.

Livi's TIRED!

One Thursday night, we spent about 45 minutes playing around...the girls discovered the Laundry Basket SEVERAL nights previously when Daddy put Olivia in it..now it's their new favorite toy!



Laundry Basket fun....

The FIRST night we discovered the laundry basket...Sydney says to Olivia...what in the HECK are you in.....is it FUN???????


Olivia...Sugar...and the Monkey...which THANKFULLY Sugar has not tried to eat these days!

Sydney...climbing her kitchen...as normal!

Sydney...practicing walking...she now RUNS everywhere!

Sydney...CLIMBING...ugh, she's going to be the death of me....

Sydney...taking OFF her shoes...she loves to chew on them...as does Olivia!

Olivia nd her trusty WUBBY'S as we call them (wubba nubs...the greatest invention EVER)!

Olivia and her truck that her Papa Rick bought her!

Sydney and Daddy dancing before Nap time on the weekend....

Olivia playing hide and seek!

On Thursday, October 8th, Daddy went to the Mizzou Game...so we dressed up to give them luck...sadly it didn't work! :(


Olivia and the remote...can you tell Daddy was out of town!????????????

SYdney...Cookie Monster...yum!

Can I dump out Olivia's Milk???????

Hope all is well!