Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Carving....

Last year, Matt started a pumpkin carving trend, that he had to uphold this allowing the girls to pick a super cool design out of this kit that we purchased from some friends of ours before they moved. THANKFULLY, for his sake, the girls picked much easier and less time intensive pictures than they did last year!  Also, thankfully for Mommy, he's content to carve those pumpkins up, because it's not something that I enjoy all that much.

Therefore, I play the role of the photographer (which is pretty normal around our home)!

Sadly, after all that hard work, some not nice kiddos in our neighborhood, stole our pumpkins and smashed them up. Made me so sad, and mad and I quite honestly felt violated. I know they were only pumpkins, but they were on MY front porch and my girls got some much pleasure from watching them. Made me mad. Oh well, next year they are going on the back patio, it has to be much safer there.

Hope you had a great Halloween!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An Early Halloween run-through......

This weekend UNCLE Ben had a Halloween Party....we all had a blast! Even more fun was trick-o-treating at Neena and  Papa's house before the party, and then going and having a good time at Uncle Ben's party! He has a boxer who looks JUST like Sugar, but much better behaved! :)

HEre are some pictures from before the party....

 We lobbied hard for Mommy to dress up, so she did, but she told us that she draws the line at Green face paint, after her experience with Green hairspray as a we understood! Here's our Family Halloween Picture!

Good times! :)