Thursday, January 14, 2010


It seems appropriate that I start our official January 2010 posts with a reflections post.

Tonight, as I was home alone with the girls (Matt was out playing poker), I started thinking about what our life was like LAST YEAR this time and how much has changed and how great SOME of those changes are, but how sad it is that so much as changed. For instance, WHO in the world told my girls that they could get big? Seriously, I miss my little babies, but man are my toddler girls (for the most part), so so much fun! Every day I love them more and more and every day I am continuously shocked that they are ours. I love my little miracles, more than I ever thought possible. It's amazing how much.

I guess I never really understood how our parents feel about US, I mean I know they love us, but man, after having kids I just GET IT. Strange.

Today, when I picked up the girls from Miss Georgine's house, as usual I was greated with my little yell that they tend to do when they see me and 'Mama' from both of them...seriously one of my favorite times of the day. Today, however was an unsual day b/c I was so busy at work that I didn't get to check up on the girls..probably a good thing too. B/c I almost DIED when Georgine told me what happened during nap time today. I have actually been waiting for this to happen, but was hoping that we had quite a bit of time before it did. NOPE. Apparently during NAP time, Miss Olivia undressed herself, ENTIRELY and then proceeded to play in her diaper..GROSS as I am sure you can imagine what she was doing. UGH, made me cringe, and I am sad to admit, very very glad that it happened at Georgine's house! GUess she should have been using those sleep sacks that I sent over there! :)

Miss Olivia...playing with her Laugh and Learn Puppy, she likes to push it around in her stroller!

Sydney laying on Sugar's bed..thank god that dog knows how to share! :)

Last weekend, The Cook and McWherter Families gathered to celebrate the life of a fabulous woman, my grandma Ruth Baxter. She was amazing, so caring and giving, funny, and beloved by many. We had a great celebration in honor of her and I know she was there too.

Sadly while I was there it reminded me of how 'mortal' we are, and while I logically know that yes there is a cyle of life, I'm just not ready for it to keep cycling. I'm not so happy being older..seriously, I have a friend with a 10 year old, that is INSANE, and MY kids are 18 months old, who would have ever thought that time would/could pass by so quickly!? And so part of my reflection includes this, spend as much time as you can with your family, b/c you never know what could happen. :(

Carol and THE BOYS!

The Cook-Wideman-McWherter-Macie Family Picture....pretty cute if I do say so myself!

God I miss this...sunsets in CA, I used to take them for granted, now I cherish them. I miss my beach visits!

Matt and I at the beach...I was squinting..due to an eye infection, I've been glasses bound for almost 3 glorious weeks.

All of the kids! :)

Playing around during Winter Break for Mommy and Daddy....Miss Olivia

Playing with Daddy's hat...all hats are fun to us, not just that pink one! :)

The girls LOVE LOVE LOVE their strollers they got for Christmas, besides sitting in them, they love to carry them around!
Sydney...climbed up on the couch ALL by herself! :)

Sydney ALSO in Daddy's hat!

Riding on her car! Now if only they would learn to STEER them!

Hangin' with the Boxers...

On New Years Eve, we went to stay with Nana and Papa, but Daddy had to dress us up in our MU gear for the bowl game (which we won't discuss)...we had a great time with Nana and Papa, and Mommy and Daddy had a great time with friends. The next day Mommy and Daddy and the Boxers got to sleep in and practice being lazy was kind of weird!

By the way, WE climbed up here ALL by ourselves! We're proud of our new talents.

Papa Gale came to visit us the 30th of December, we had a great time playing around with him!

On Tuesday, December 29th we went to the Butterfly house the girls..they LOVED it, as did I. I wasn't feeling well and the warmth in there was heavenly let me tell you! The Fatzinger's joined us as well, but sadly Amy wasn't feeling well either. :(
Family pictures...

The Fatzingers....
Some pretty butterflies!
Miss Olivia..playing around, she had so so much fun.

The girls and I....

Miss Sydney Playing around....

Hope All is well,