Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer is HERE!

I know, I know...we are BIG giant slackers and haven't updated in almost a month. Ooops...what can I say...LIFE happened!

Our house has been total craziness for the last month or so!

We now have 1 mobile baby and another who IS mobile but chooses to not be so. I'll give you 2 guesses as to who the mobile one is and who the one is that doesn't move so well! :P Little Miss Livi has decided that talking is the way to go! She's also discovered singing, which she does so beautifully! Sydney well, she's our mobile, I can go ANYWHERE I want baby! :) She's recently discovered the wood floor and how cool it is to turn circles on it!

LEt's see..highlights of the last month!

Memorial Day weekend...a happy and sad weekend for us.

-Our 'cousin' Caroline came over to visit. Quite stupidly, we (the parents that is) got it into our head that we wanted to take pictures off all 3 babies together....let's just say taking pics of 2 is MUCH easier than 3. HEre are some pics from our impromptu Memorial Day bbq with the Fatzingers!

Sydney fell asleep in her bouncer while Daddy was 'watching' her!

Livi playing while waiting for the Fatzinger's to come over!

One of many attempts at pics of all 3 of the girls! Caroline was soon over it though and crawled away pretty fast!

Keepin' watch over 'her babies'!


Dad these kids are slow...

Olivia playing....
Sydney showing us what Caroline 'taught' her while she was over!

Cassius and SUgar...recovering from a day of babies!

-Nikki (our favorite nanny and now just a good friend) had a tragedy in her family. We are as always thinking of her and Gage (who calls the girls 1 and 2, it's so stinkin' cute).

School is out! My last day of work was Friday, May 29th. SOOOOO the girls came a visiting to work..they loved it! :)

Olivia...playing on the floor with Daddy!
Sydney playing with Daddy!

Caroline was baptized and Matt and I are her godparents along with her grandmas! It was such a beautiful day and so much fun! THe girls had such a great time there too!

NIce baby...I remember you..."I can take you, you know that! Right!?"

I'm taking off...these two are boring, they just sit here!

Livi...all tuckered out from the festivities of the day!

a rare family picture...complete with a sleeping baby and a babbling baby (not that you could hear her)!

My birthday...always a fun time and celebrated with some of my favorite people (besides my kids) and the McNabb family reunion, where everyone was so happy to finally meet the girls!

Livi playing around on Mommy's birthday in her pretty fish dress from Nana's friend Pat and her daughter Meredith!
Sydney hamming it up for the camera, as always!

The girls playing!

I hope you enjoy all the fabulous pictures of our beautiful, but growing babies! By the way, which one of you told them that they could get big!???????? :)

Hope all is well!