Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Farm...

The farm...This past weekend, it was a beautiful fall Sunday, and we had plans to drive down to Matt's Dad's for a visit...the girls LOVE to go to Grandpa's farm...he has cool different toys...and best of all...HORSES....and the fact that it's non-stop fun, and sometimes we get to see our cousins there as well.

Playing on their teeter-totter that Grandpa got them....

As always they love love love the John Deere Gator that Grandpa has...
Grandpa has mini-horses,which are super cool and not to be confused with a puppy (as they called the baby horse (whose name I cannot recall since there are so many of them and they all have crazy Grandkid given names)....I am majorly allergic to Horse dander, so I skipped out on the visit to the barn.
Feeding the horses, Sydney told me for DAYS about how she feed the horses!

Poor Horse, I'm sure it was SO thrilled to have visitors that were harassing him while he was least he was nice about it....from what I can tell in the pictures!
Olivia riding the horse....Daddy conveniently FORGOT to tell me about this....until I downloaded the pictures!

Sydney....standing assisted on the horse!

Olivia in the swing on Grandpa's super cool swing set.

Miss Sydney....rockin' her cute new hat on the swing......

As always, the girls had a fabulous time out at the farm.....after our visit to the farm, we had my friend and photographer Stephanie take our pics...not the greatest turn out b/c both of the girls were TIRED...sadly our trip to the farm did not earn us a typical 3 hour nap....all we had was the drive home. Oops..oh well, we did get some cute pics, but only because Stephanie is a genius! :)

Hope All is well,