Sunday, May 17, 2009

A 'Special' Anniversary....

Did you know that today is the anniversary of the day that a very special Dr. here in STL known to many as Dr. God, played God for Matt and I and saved the twins lives. It was also the start of my oh so fabulous Bedrest journey...that didn't last NEARLY as long as it should have, but long enough to give us 2 beautiful, amazing daughters.

Today also happens to be our friend's Brent and Laura's twin son's Collin and Cameron's birthday...Dr. God finished my surgery and then ATTEMPTED to leave the hospital, but one of her boys had a different they were born. So cute. Their 1st birthday was quite crazy! In our specific group of friends, we had 5 kids born last year...not counting their son Brandon who turned 3 this past November or other friends who often hang out with all of us. Add their family and friends and it was insanity. The good type! Sadly the girls were a little overwhelmed by their first party and got super crabby and therfore missed a lot of the I don't have any pics to post. :( Stinkers. Oh well. I do have one last minute family photo, taken right before we left..and a few of the girls and Miss her purple bow! Can't wait for the girls to have hair for bows!

Since our last post...we've had several occassions take place! The first is Mother's day. Yes, I missed posting on Mother's day...Probably b/c I was busy enjoying the day and the NAP that I got to take (not that I can never take Naps... I know Matt will watch the girls any time...but I feel guilty doing that unless I have a migraine).

Back to Mother's was a beautiful day! On Mother's Day...while I was in the kitchen getting ready for our Mother's Day Brunch and Matt was in the Living room vacumming with Sydney, I hear this excited/freaked out yell from him for me to come here. It was hilarious. Apparently, little Miss Sydney had sat herself up in her pack in play (still in the bassinett) and then managed to pull herself should have SEEN the look on her was so cute! She was VERY obviously proud of herself and her accomplisments! Go Sydney! We had most of our mother's over for brunch..which was FABULOUS I Might add! WE actually still have one gift left to give to our Mothers, but it's not back yet from the printer! For my first Mother's day, the girls (and Daddy) gave me a very cute necklace that is a cherry (made of rubies and emeralds) symbolize the 2 girls and the fact that they were born in July. Both girls LOVE it...well, they try to eat it at least! :) Guess we'll have to give them some real cherries this summer sometime!

The second is that I stayed home alone with the girls, while Matt travelled away overnight. I survived, as did the girls. Yes, we've semi done this before...and it's going to get easier and easier as they get older...but there is always a fear that both babies will cry at the same time or go on a sleep strike..which they didn't so we were good!

The third is that we had our 9 month Appointment...our pediatrician had great things to say..she was super happy with their weight gain in particular! Go Us...the girls LOVE LOVE LOVE solids...still not so hot on bottles, but they love them some food. :) We did switch their formula...well, what little they get...from the high cal preemie formula b/c I think they hate the taste of it..and I think I'm right b/c they appear to already be doing better with it!

The fourth thing that happend, actually happened on Mother's the girls turned 10 months old. I cannot believe it. WHERE has time gone...and sadly my little babies are no longer little and they are starting to do more and more tricks. It's craziness.

In other news...let's talk babies and fun 'tricks' they can do! :)

Sydney has proved her self to be extremely determined and driven. If she wants it these days, she's going to get it or figure out how to do it! Recently she's figured out how to sit up on her own (still not doing this consistantly though), pull herself up in her crib and her pack n' play (which is why we took out the bassinet part), and is ALMOST crawling...she now says a lot of mamma and dadda and still babbling, but it's cool..sometimes it seems directed at Matt or I or deliberate, but we'll see. SHe's also discovered Cassius and Sugar (as you will see in a picture on the blog)...she loves to pet them, play with their skin and fur, and cheeks/ears. It's so cute. They tolerate her or just lick her b/c they want to return the love! :)

Sydney Playing with Sugar's Tail!

Sydney Standing in her crib...

Olivia has continued to prove herself to be our laidback baby, but when she's ticked off, man does her little temper come out! SHe really could give a care about going places, unless it involves a toy. She does love to play with her toys and will go anywhere/do anything to get them...but she does allow her sister to steal her toys and paci all the time. WHen she realizes that SYdney has something she wants, she just reaches over and grabs it back! SHe too has discovered the dogs and my glasses, and anything she can get her hands on! So so cute!

Livi playing with her Daddy's Hat (Daddy was playing with HIS toys!) :)

Olivia and Sugar...Sugar moved by Olivia after Sydney was playing with her...little did she knew she wasn't safe here either! :)

The girls in their March of Dimes hats...they cost the Earth and are a little big, but they are so cute!



The girls in their Hawaiian Dresses from GrandDude and Grandma Carol!

School is ALMOST close I can taste it...only 9 1/2 days of school left. YAY. I C.A.N.N.O.T. wait! It's going to be fun and tiring to stay home with the girls all summer! Sadly however, summer is never as long as it was when I was a kid. :( I'm excited for the year to be over, but already stressing about what challenges the new school year is going to bring me. We also have our trip to Vegas this summer, which is pretty exciting, I can''t wait for that. Hopefully the girls don't make Matt's mom and Stepdad crazy and I don't obsess too much over how they are doing and eating and adjusting to being somehwere else while we are gone. :(

We've also started planning for the girl's 1st Birthday this summer..I cannot even believe that it's almost been a year..what in the heck is going on. I'm getting old. :(

Hope all is well!