Friday, February 25, 2011

Books, Books, Books!

Our girls LOVE books. And being the sucker that I am, I'll pretty much buy them any book they want, or that I see that I think they'll like. Because of this, we read, A LOT. On an average day, I read the girls at least 5 stories, and this doesn't count bedtime stories! I love that the girls love to read, even more, I love that now they are starting to get to know some stories so well, that they can read to us! At night, Matt's been having them read Goodnight Moon with him...He'll say "In a great green..." and the girls will chime in with "room"'s absolutely adorable. Olivia will read me her Purplicious book and Brown Bear book, and Sydney LOVES to read me her Stinky Face book! It's so so cute. We really need to get it on video tape and soon!

Here are some pictures Matt took of me reading books to the girls, but I do believe these may have actually been bedtime stories as the girls are in the pj's! :)

Have you read a good book lately? I know we have!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Dinners...

Ever since Matt and I have been together, we have been going to my mom's house OR my Grandma's house for Sunday Dinners. Now, this isn't EVERY Sunday, but it's typically at least 2 a month. WELL, now that Uncle Mike and Aunt Zomi are officially moving to AZ, we have been ramping up the Sunday Dinners so that the girls can spend some extra time with them.  This particular Sunday we had a Japanese Feast....and it was yummy!

It's always fun to go to Grandma's house....1. It's different, 2. Grandma has Maddie the small bagel puppy, 3. She spoils us!

Here the girls are playing on the stairs (I know, not a great idea).
 Uncle Mikey...I blame the insanity on him...they were playing at the top of the stairs b/c he had come in....then he came and joined the insanity!
 Playing in Grandma's workout room with Uncle Mikey....he's making little body builders out of them already! :)

 Olivia being silly....
 Sydney running around, like always...why should things change because we are at Grandma's House??
Hope you had a great Sunday!


Play Date....

It's a well known fact around our house that Caroline is the girls' BFF. It's rather adorable, as they talk about her ALL the time. SO, we try and get the girls together frequently, but this winter we've been slackers, and I fully anticipate we'll fix that this summer and spend TONS more time with Caroline and her parents as they are typically OUR partners in crime! :)

On Saturday of President's Day weekend, Matt got up to go to an auction with his Dad in Potosi and he drove the girls down to his mom's house (on the way to Potosi), to spend the morning with Neena and PaPa. I on the other hand had some time to myself....COOL! So, we got up, bundled up the girls (not really as it was nice), but got them ready to go to Neena's, after I kissed everyone good bye, I snuggled in bed with a book and Sugar...for about an hour, then said goodbye to Uncle Todd as he was off to the hospital again (he even turned down breakfast made by ME....a rare occassion in this house....and then I got ready to go out and about. I went out to breakfast at Bread Co and read my Nook and relaxed....then I was off to do some shopping, for the girls. My little misses have outgrown their pants and I'm STILL on a mission to get more. I was very disappointed during my last pants shopping trip. So, I headed to Kohls, where I had a 30% off coupon and did some super awesome clearance rack shopping for some new jeans for the girls and pants in 2T. I started getting some summer stuff, but it's going to be a little while before we can fully tackle that one, especially since we're going to be hard core potty training, so I'm going ot need to make sure they have a LOT of pants. God, I can hear the cash registers ringing already....not necessairly a good thing. Anyways, I was off and out to get some more stuff for the girls. 3 Kohls later I bought the following (now keep in mind you need to multiply this times 2): 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of khaki pants, pair of brown pants, 2 long sleeved shirts for next year, 1 pair of jeans for next year in a 3T, 1 pair of spring pajamas, socks, 7 short sleeved shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of leggins, 1 skirt, 2 pairs of capris, 1 pair of water sandals, and earlier in the weekend I also purchased a pair of rain boots. I was pretty proud of myself....all for $125. Pretty amazing. Some of their pants were on clearance for $2.59 and then I got 30% off of that. It was like Christmas! :) Hopefully between this trip and some other small ones, and Easter we'll be done! Sadly I haven't seen too many summer/spring dresses that I like yet. AND we have family pictures coming up soon, so I've been on a major outfit hunt.  Fun times.  After shopping, I stopped on the way home and picked up lunch for Matt and came home to nap time...sadly it wasn't terribly successful because the girls had drifted off in the car on the way home...that happens when you've just eaten lunch AND you've played all morning long! Oh well.

The girls played with Uncle Todd while we all got ready for going over to Carolines. Sadly because we didn't take our typical 2 hour nap we were super super crabby. Also, we HAD to dress up and wear a skirt or a dress....that's very important to use these days, so I've been attempting to get them more cute skirts or dresses so that they have some to wear. Lately they complain if they wear the same thing too often. Spoiled brats!  Somewhere in there Sydney burned her hand on my curling iron. Poor kiddo, made me (and her of course) cry. It was bad. On the way to our friend's house we stopped and got some burn pads to keep her burn moist. Poor kiddo. Both girls also fell asleep on the way to Caroline's house too, which was good for them to get a little shut eye. Sadly Caroline really doesn't live ALL that far away, so it was brief and short.

The girls had so much fun with Caroline...we of course had a great time with her's nice to get the kids out and over to a different environment...and of course Caroline has SUPER cool toys!

All the girls hanging out....

 Their basement is unfinished and is huge cool play room....that was cool too!
 Sydney pushing Olivia around on Caroline's car!

 SHe may or may not have learned this from Olivia! :)
 Uncle Keith 'helping' the girls 'paint' their nails.....


 Olivia and Caroline playing with her kitchen....that's Olivia's favorite toy at home too!

 Sydney and Caroline playing together....
Another fun night!

Hope all is well....