Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Dinners...

Ever since Matt and I have been together, we have been going to my mom's house OR my Grandma's house for Sunday Dinners. Now, this isn't EVERY Sunday, but it's typically at least 2 a month. WELL, now that Uncle Mike and Aunt Zomi are officially moving to AZ, we have been ramping up the Sunday Dinners so that the girls can spend some extra time with them.  This particular Sunday we had a Japanese Feast....and it was yummy!

It's always fun to go to Grandma's house....1. It's different, 2. Grandma has Maddie the small bagel puppy, 3. She spoils us!

Here the girls are playing on the stairs (I know, not a great idea).
 Uncle Mikey...I blame the insanity on him...they were playing at the top of the stairs b/c he had come in....then he came and joined the insanity!
 Playing in Grandma's workout room with Uncle Mikey....he's making little body builders out of them already! :)

 Olivia being silly....
 Sydney running around, like always...why should things change because we are at Grandma's House??
Hope you had a great Sunday!


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