Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just Playing Around....

Life in our house is slowly but surely settling into a routine, now that school is starting to get into full swing.

The girls are getting more use to Georgine's house....they have made several friends and they no longer cry in the morning when Daddy leaves them, but they do continue to be VERY excited to see Mommy in the afternoons. Who'd have known that playing all day long was so tiring. I often feel as if my days are a race b/c I have so much to do once I am up and running, but my favorite time of the day is the afternoons, when I race out of work to get home to pick up the girls. Once we are home from Georgine's house (I walk over to pick them up, after I change clothes and let the dogs out), we have snack and play before dinner time!

I am amazed by how fast they are growing and learning. Sydney is getting her first 2 teeth...at first we thought she was just getting her bottom left tooth, but a few days later I noticed that there were 2 teeth coming in! Olivia, not to be outdone has started taking steps. She can take about 5 steps before she falls down. Sadly she doesn't have any teeth coming in, but that's cool b/c Sydney doesn't appear to want to walk any more! :) YES, I know they will both catch up and there WILL be more teeth for both of them AND Sydney will walk, eventually!

HEre are the girls celebrating the return of Aunt Nozomi from Japan, by wearing one of their many Japanese outfits....they did enjoy being Japanese babies for the day. Japanese baby clothes are MUCH easier to take off than American baby clothes....little stinkers! THey love love love their wagon that they got for their 1st birthday. THankfully it has seatbelts to keep them strapped in!

Sydney is wearing white and Olivia is wearing the black!

Sydney playing with her basketball...she loves that thing, but not was much as Livi does!


The remote, like the telephone, our cel phones, and laptops......is a lot of fun! :)

Playing around one afternoon after work. The girls are slowly but surely getting more and more freedom to 'crawl' or walk around the house. They LOVE the front window (just like Cassius and Sugar do)! :)
HEre is Olivia playing at the front window:

Sydney...also playing in the window...but with the telephone....she loves it!

Goofing off one day!
Olivia giggling!

Sydney must not have gotten her way...so sad isn't it!?

Bathtime continues to be the girls' FAVORITE time of the day! They pretty much love everything about it....splashing each other, Mommy, Daddy, kisses from Sugar, squirting their bath toys at each other, getting their hair washed. The bath tub is just plain old fun to them! I have to admit, I love it too! Especially the way they smell after bathtime!

Sydney telling her Daddy, "I don't know who did it Daddy!" He's going to have to get used to hearing that, I am sure! :)

Olivia and her big blue eyes, just looking at the camera and her silly Mommy!

I am a member of the St. Louis Mother of Twins club, and last weekend we held our annual fall sale at Lindbergh High School. We of course went, it's a great way to find cheap clothes, shoes, toys, etc. for the girls. We really hit the jackpot on toys, many of which we put away for Christmas, but those that the girls did get to keep to play with, they really really like. Our plan of attack at this VERY large sale was that I would go look for shoes and clothes and Matt would be in charge of the toys..in particular anything Sesame Street. You see at the last sale (in April) we bought this Sesame Street table that plays songs, etc from the tv show and the girls LOVE it. I was super excited when Matt found a DMX Cookie Monster..this is what I wanted to get the girls for Christmas...Olivia LOVES Cookie Monster..it's so cute to watch both Olivia and Sydney play with him..he's fun!



On Sunday...all 4 of my children playing at the front window!
Aaaaaaaha! Cassius's food and water bowls are SOOOOOOOOOO much fun. :) The dogs were VERY VERY concerned about the girls playing with their bowls! :)

As we move toward Labor Day weekend, I keep remembering what our lives were like last year this time. I wonder, will I 10 years from now always think back to our Labor Day in the NICU? Will we continue to celebrate the date that the girls came home from Children's Hospital? I hope not, to be honest, I hope that some day we can officially put all of that behind. BUT, this year we WILL be celebrating their freedom from the NICU with the girls' Baptism. :) So, on Sunday, September 27th, the girls will be baptized, and afterwards we will be hosting a small luncheon for the girl's god-parents and our parents.
Also, please remember that RSV season is rapidly approaching, the rules this year for RSV season will continue to be the same as last year, per our release papers from the NICU....we were given instructions that for the first 3 years we needed to be very particular during RSV season...so be prepared to wash up and hand sanitize often while you are here or when you see the girls! :) They will not be going very many public places this winter, if you have been sick or around sick people, please do not come visit. I know it sucks, but Sydney and Olivia's health has to come first. As for how we are going to deal with the Swine Flu, I am not sure. WHat I do know is that they will receive their flu shot in October, as for the Swine Flu shot, I'm not sure if they will get that OR if I even want them to get it....there are way too many questions about it for me to really want them to have it. I'm very worried that if they get it they will suffer some sort of side effect that is very bad in a couple years....so, we're going to wait to hear what Dr. Yassin has to say about it when we see her next. :( What I do know is that I'll probably use all my sick days AGAIN this year, b/c I am not taking ANY chances with their health...I'd rather miss work and lose money than have them be sick. Fun times. SIck babies are NOT fun...that I do know, and worrying about then when they are sick is even worse than a sick baby.
Have a Fabulous and Beautiful Labor Day weekend!
Hope all is well....stay healthy!