Sunday, December 5, 2010

Breakfast with Santa....

Breakfast with Santa, was amazing. We went to my friend Laurie's Church, where they had scheduled a visit with Santa a long time ago...and man was it fun. Matt and I had a great time with Laurie and Dan and their 5 kids, as well as Sydney and Olivia, just loving up seeing everyone, INCLUDING Santa! There was no fear, which I was worried about...apparently we passed that age....however, Brendan (Laurie's youngest, at 18 months).....wasn't so happy with Santa.  All in all, a hit, and we will DEFINATELY go back next year!

Miss Sydney eating her lollipop that she picked from the magical Christmas tree in Santa's workshop...even cooler is that Mommy and Daddy let her eat CANDY (or the devil as I call it!) :)

 Olivia...joyously eating a Breakfast with Santa is even cooler than she thought it would be, because she get's a doughnut....or Happy Birthday as she calls anything with icing!

THe Daddy's girl....Olivia....
 Thankfully we have twins, so that we can have a Mommy's girl AND a Daddy's girl! :) Here's my Mommy's girl AND the best snuggler ever!
Olivia...waiting in line to see Santa....this line stuff stinks!
 Sydney, waiting in line to see Santa....

WE both fearlessly walked up to Santa and climbed up on his lap...Sydney informed him she wanted a Barbie...Olivia just wanted a doll! So cute!

The B family!
Olivia and Mommy..hanging and talking with Aunt Laurie and Andrea.
 MIss Olivia, on Santa's lap...she was more interested in the candy cane than Santa....oh well.
 Miss Sydney with Santa, and her super cool new kitty cat that she loves more than anything that came from the Elves' Toy Shop here at Breakfast with Santa...

After Breakfast with Santa, the girls and Matt and I were instead of going to St. CHarles to see the cool Christmas decorations, we went home and took a nap...after lunch of course! :)

Remember..."He sees you when you're sleeping...he knows when you're awake, he know's if you've been bad or good, so, you better watch out"...

Hope You're on the good list this year...or the naughty list if that works for you! ;)