Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hermie the Elf...

Hermie, is our Elf that Santa sent us to watch over us during the holiday season, to make sure that WE are worthy of receiving Christmas toys from him.  Santa sends him to us around Thanksgiving (this year we got him on 12/7, as we were a little late in learning about this Elf to Home Program)....but it's super cool that we were able to be included in this program. WE are looking forward to remaining in the program for many years to come....thanks to Grandma Carol and GrandDude we now know all about it!

Here's how it works. SOmeone signs you up for the program, Santa sends your elf to your home, YOU and your sibilings get to pick your Elf's is then his or her job to watch over your family during the day and night to make sure you're good. WHen you go to sleep at night, your elf will report back to the north pole and tell Santa if you've been good or not, and then your Elf will be back the next morning to continue watching over you.

Our Elf is name Hermie...after the only Elf we really know Hermie from Rudolph that wants to be a dentist. THe girls LOVED finding out where Hermie was all times of the day, as he quite frequently flew all around our house, several times a day. At night he watched over us and then relocated to a new fun place when he came back.  Mommy and Daddy, especially will be sad when Hermie returns to the North Pole, as the influence of Hermie has been great on S and O!  However, I hear he comes back several times a year to check up on we're looking forward to that!

If you don't have  Hermie, or whatever your Elf's name is, you need one!

In Hermie we Trust....