Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Christmas Program...

The girls have been going to Preschool at St. Thomas Holy Spirit, and like most good church's with a Preschool program, they planned a Christmas Program! It was super cute and hilarious too...not without drama, because what type of production in which all of it's cast members are under the age of 5, wouldn't have drama, or tears, or shepards rolling on the ground? Too bad we ONLY brought the camera, where is the video camera when we need it? At home..grr.

Well, here's the story in pictures.....

 Note the cute little girl with dark hair...she's crying...not sure why, but soon all the little girls will notice and become VERY concerned....

 ahhh..the mass migration to discover WHY she is crying...poor kiddo!
 The Shepards (all these boys are from the girl's class), they are soon to be rolling around on the ground in mass chaos! HILARIOUS!
 The girls are finally back in their places and no long crowded around the poor crying little angel!

 Dancing down the aisle to One Little, Two Little Angels! So cute...however, Miss O was upset that her sister got to go down the aisle before her, apparently in practice, she had been Angel #3, but this time she was too busy crying all over Mommy to go down in her spot...poor kiddo!

 After the performance, they served cookies and milk downstairs and there was a puppet show telling the story of Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlahem and Jesus's birth!

 Meeting some of the puppets and munching on cookies! Always a good time!

The girls are really into preschool, and LOVE learning, they are such little sponges at this age! Next year we will send them much more than just 1 day a week, probably at least 4, which they will LOVE! Hopefully they won't get every illness under the sun from all the kiddos there!

Counting down the days until Christmas! The girls are SUPER into Santa this year...and Jesus.

Hope All is well,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Breakfast....Santa Style!

Like last year, we went with my good Friend Laurie and her family to their Church's Breakfast with Santa Program, and like last year it was FABULOUS! The girls (and Matt and I), had so much fun! We always enjoy getting together with their family, and this is one of our favorite events. December, while already crazy because of the holidays, is a little crazier in Laurie's household because of her birthday and then her girls' birthday as well. BUT, I do declare that one year, we WILL have time in December to actually make Christmas cookies with our girls (like we've planned since way back before we ever even had kiddos).

 CHECK out all those doughnuts on Olivia's plate...wonder who took her to make her plate??? I'll give you 2 guesses! NOT MOM! :)
 Pretty sure S was jealous when she saw O's plate, especially since hers was loaded up with 1 doughnut and then a ton of fruit (which she ate all of)!
 Before Santa went up to the stage, he wandered around and posed for pictures! How cute is this?
 Apparently Santa rated BELOW doughnuts....Poor guy, he looks kind of sad and confused! I agree, it's a strange phenomenon!
 Posing with Daddy...and the centerpiece!
 Dan, Brenden, and Taylor!
 Laurie and Sydney....
 Sydney flirting with Brendan OR Brendan flirting with Sydney....pretty adorable...they even held hands at one point or another!
 Laurie and Andreea!
 O dancing away!
 And...our picture with our main man.....
 LOVING this picture!!!
 The Birkenmeier' cute!

 S and her boyfriend!

 Decorating our stockings! We love crafts!!!

The girls had a BLAST! Sadly, they were exhausted afterwards, so we missed going down to Main Street with Laurie and her family!

Looking forward to next year...and hopefully we'll make it to Main Street next year!