Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Lights and a Carriage Ride...

all in honor of Neena's Birthday, and what fun it was! To celebrate Neena's birthday this year, she wanted to go on a carriage ride through Tillis.Park, so we did, and what fun it was! I think it helped that it wasn't THAT cold out too! We actually had a perfect weekend to do it, which was nice! We all had a blast!

Getting ready to get in our carriage.....
 Miss Olivia...a little skeptical of the horses....

 Olivia decided that the horses were all Sydney on the other hand....NOT a fan b/c "they stink!" :)
 Afterwards, we went to dinner at CJ.Muggs! Here is Miss S.
 Miss O...
 This is the picture I got when I asked S to smile for me....she looks a little deranged! :)
 And, Miss O's attempt at a smile...we often refer to this as her pirate/fake smile. She ALWAYS does this when we ask her to smile. Stinker!
 Aaaaand...the birthday girl and PaPa! Oddly enough our whole family was dressed in variations of purple...completely unplanned!

Thanks for the fun times! We hope you had a fabulous Birthday Celebration!
All of Us!

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