Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Festival...

Matt and I are foodies, we love food (can't you tell), and part of this love affair is attending fun festivals that have amazing food for us to 'taste'. So, this past weekend, we celebrated the first week of school by attending the Festival of Nations, which is always a good time (Especially for the YUMMY food)! YAY. The girls had so so much fun, hearing the music, watching different performers, AND enjoying whatever yummy food they could sucker us into getting them! :) SURE, they don't necessairly NEED a stroller anymore, but in crowds, it's much easier to keep them contained AND safer to ensure they don't wander off...a.nd quite honestly it's a LONG LONG way for them to walk.

 EXHAUSTED, after fun times!
Hope all is well,

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