Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shopping has been successful!!!!!!!

I cannot believe that I do not have to haul my tush to Children's Hospital today. Instead I can stay in my tank top and shorts all day if I want too!

And amazingly, FINALLY we have a full house! :)

It's so amazing to finally have them home. Not that Matt, Cassius and Mama Sugar (as we've come to call her), or I got much sleep, nor really did Miss Sydney. Olivia slept like a champ, but Sydney is I think having some issues with how quiet our house is. She's sleeping right now like a champion through dogs barking and some football tv show. The NICU was noisy, esp. compared to what it's like here.

Mama Sugar gets VERY concerned whenever the babies cry. It's cute. She'll come and 'tell' us that they are crying and will lay outside their pack n' play, which ROCKS by the way. I ADORE our soothe and sway pack n' do the girls, it vibrates and plays music, all around a great product. Thanks Aunt Nancy and Uncle Drew, the girls love love love one of your many gifts to them! NOt to be outdone, Mr. Clay slept in the nursery last night when the girls were actually sleeping. Too bad the room doesn't have enough free floor space for a dog bed, but he didn't seem to mind. Right now he's sleeping in front of their pack n' play and keeping an eye on them for us!

There were some challenges in getting the babies home:

1- Our used stroller that was such a great deal doesn't fit our carseats. WHY we didn't figure that out before yesterday I'm not so sure, it's probably my fault, but I'm cool with that. Matt went and bought us a new one today.

2-Apparently infant pepcid is HARD to find, but we found an awesome pharmacy clerk at the Shop n' Save we stopped at (we can only get perscriptions for Matt's insurance through Shop n' Save or Dierbergs), who called around to all the other stores and found one that had their meds for us. Talk about customer service.

3-Our car is EXTREMELY cramped with the babies carseats in it. Meaning, Matt cannot put the seat back as far as he needs to so that he can drive. That stunk. I so just want to pay it off and not have a car payment for a long time, and it's ALMOST there, I think we only owe $5000 on it. :(

4-Our house is a disaster AGAIN. Oh well. Poor Juanita (our house keeper that Sharon found for us and I love). Probably the greatest thing to happen to our home in a long time! :)

5-We don't have enough bottles, but that's being solved right now. Thank GOD we live close to Babies R Us!

6- We need a nightlight.

Other than being tired, all is well. Our babies are adorable and we're VERY happy.

We'll post pictures of the Meet and greet with the dogs later, the nursery, etc.

Hope all is well for you!

PS...Laura and Angela...I loved your sign. It will go in one of the babies memory books. :) WE were however slackers and didn't take any pictures of your sign when it was up or the signs that Matt's mom and stepdad Rick put up. :( WHen Matt came in with all of them I said, didn't you take pictures of them...poor guy. He forgot and feels bad. Hopefully Rick and Sharon took pictures and knowing the scrap bookin' Queen, she probably did! :)

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  1. Do you like the sign we made?



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