Wednesday, September 24, 2008

They Have No Idea What They Are In For...

And when I say they, I mean our loveable, spoiled, pampered boxers.

Jeni and I have discussed many times what will happen when the girls come home and our 2 oldest "kids", Cassius & Sugar, are no longer getting all of the attention. We've been trying to ease them into the girls coming home by bringing blankets and clothes home so that they can sniff and smell them to get used to it. However, I have a feeling it is going to be shock to their world when two loud, needy, and sometimes stinky girls come into this house that they used to rule. I am actually really looking forward to how both dogs will react. I'm not worried at all at how they will react, just mainly curious. I know they will be great with the girls as I have seen them around other kids (who they love). And honestly, the nature of the boxer breed around small children is one of the reasons I was attracted to getting one long ago.

Your Peaceful Days of Laziness are numbered...

And from the news today out of the NICU, the boxers could be meeting the girls as early as Saturday! :)

So, because of my trip to Florida for work, I wasn't able to see the girls on Tuesday. I did stop by the hospital in the morning on Monday to see them on my way into the office before my trip later that day. So, this afternoon after work was my first time seeing them and getting to feed them since Sunday morning.

Since the girls are on an ad lib schedule, its harder to predict when they will eat and thus when I get to feed them. However, I made it down to see them about an hour earlier than usual. I hung out and visited with Jeni while she fed Olivia.

Olivia taking her bottle from Mom

Then when Sydney woke up and announced she was hungry, I changed her diaper and fed her. About 1/2 way through her feed, Sydney proceeded to dirty her diaper. She took her entire bottle (yay!) and then I changed her again. Jeni returned from pumping and came in just as I finished changing the 2nd diaper. Since I hadn't had a chance to burp Sydney at the end of her bottle, Jeni volunteered. During this, Sydney then dirtied a THIRD diaper... The girl was full of it!

Sydney is our Paci girl.

Sydney was quite entertained by her new Tiger that Dad brought home from his trip to Mizzou.

We tucked the girls in and headed home a little earlier than we had in a long time. Since our days of free evenings are about to end, we decided to go out for some Mexican food tonight. It was nice not to have to cook...

We relaxed most of the rest of the evening in between loads of laundry and pumping sessions.

Well, looks like 2 more nights of good sleep left!

Take care.


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