Monday, September 22, 2008

Rumor Has it...

That my letter to Hazelwood's sick leave bank committee was APPROVED.

I'm seriously so excited. I cried. Of course I don't have the official word, but I have heard from a VERY reliable friend Rhonda. You see Rhonda, her darling daughter Josey, and I went to lunch today (which was awesome, it was great to see her!) and she said to me, "I hear great news for you, your leave request was approved!" I was shocked, she thought I knew, so she was shocked as well! Apparently her husband John works with one of the 4 people on the committee who was telling John that they had a meeting and approved my leave. I'm so excited, I cannot believe it. So, I am out of work until December 8. This is HUGE for the girls in terms of health!

I hope that committee knows how fabulous they are, this is so great. When I go back to work the girls will have had 3 of the 5 RSV shots that they will get, and that is HUGE for them. Every day they are kept home during the winter, out of day care, and away from germs is better for them. I must admit that the NICU has me SUPER Freaked out about RSV season. The pure fact that a simple cold could kill my girls is horrifying, much less the fact that they could catch it from ANYONE, even adults who feel okay breaks my heart.

I know that being premature will continue to be a challenge that we will need to combat for the girls, but everything I read tells me that by age 4 (at the latest, usually it is 2) they will have caught up developmentally with their peers. The really sad thing is that RSV will continue to be a concern for us next year. I wonder how other people deal with RSV if they cannot take off work, etc. Craziness.

So, another rumor is still that the girls are GOING SHOPPING THIS WEEKEND. We still don't have an official day, just sometime this weekend. It really all depends on when Olivia poops. Poor baby. She hasn't pooped in 5 whole days as of tonight. She can toot like no adult, but she cannot poop. AND because she isn't pooping so much she's not as hungry (there isn't room, who blames her)!? I mean seriously, we don't eat and think about pooping or poop and think about eating at the same time, so it's no wonder that she's having issues eating ALL of her bottle. BUT she's doing most of it.

Both of the girls have passed their hearing tests as well, which is one of the last things they do before they leave the NICU too. YAY!

Let's see...other great news...they are still as adorable as ever! As of today they are eating ad lib. Which means they are no longer on their set eating schedule. Instead, they HAVE to eat by every 4 hours but THEY determine when in that 4 hour time period they want to eat. WELL, my formerly quiet babies are NOW noisy babies. You should hear the racket they toss up when they want to eat. Sydney screams and Olivia kind of talks. She hasn't screamed yet, but it was cute to see her talk.

Oh, a friend of mine, a very nice girl that I "know" from a website that I am on, who lives in STL and is a photographer has offered to take some pictures of the girls for us. She too has a baby who was born prematurely (Eli, he's so cute) and she completely understands the complications caused by the restrictions placed on premature babies (like no public places, including photographic studios) until after RSV season (so late April/early May). I'm so excited. She takes awesome pictures (her website is, and I know that the girls will be great subjects for her. Thanks Stephanie, that was a super generous offer of you to make and Matt and I really appreciate it. She also offered to take maternity pictures for our friend Amy and baby pictures for our friend Stacey. Who knew that one could make such good friends online, but these women have been there for me countless times, they mean a lot to me and I hope they know it!

WEll, here are some pictures from today. Photo shoot time was cut a little short due to the fact that out of the 7 hours I was at the NICU today the girls only ate 1 time, whereas before they would have eaten at least 2 times. You've gotta love the 4 hour schedule!



Well, that's all for tonight. Matt's in Florida and I'm on my own. I promised him that I'd clean up around here, so I'd best be going to do some of that! We should be posting pics of the nursery in the next day or so!

Hope all is well!


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  1. Great news! You deserve it and so do the girls. Come on girls...It's time to go shopping!!!!


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