Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A New Baby!

Puppy that is, has moved into our neighborhood and man is he a cutie! He is our neighbor's shi-poo  (Shitzu and mini-poodle mix) and man is he a cutie..his name is Cooper. What a great name for a dog! :)

Here he is...

The girls absolutely adored him and think he is awesome. Amazingly enough, I didn't get asked if we could have a puppy! YAY. Because I have news for you girls, we're not getting one. We have Sugar and she's pretty darned awesome. Some day you'll have a new puppy, but I don't want to think or talk about that right now, especially since we just said goodbye to Cassius. :(

Cooper weighs in at just under 2 pounds and is a tiny little thing.  We did have to spend some time talking about how Cooper is a baby and compare him to baby Elin (the baby at Daycare that all their dolls are currently named after), and how we treat babies and how we need to be gentle. It was amazing how sweet they were with him! I forsee that we will have lots of fun afternoons at Mr. Bob's house playing with Angie, Andy, and Baby Cooper the cutest puppy EVER! Not that Mr. Bob's house wasn't the coolest place ever BEFORE the puppy, now it's that much cooler!

Playing around and Mr. Bob's house!

 Olivia loving on Mr. Cooper.....

 Dog beds are the best place to snuggle...if you can't tell Cooper's spoiled already, not sure that he'll ever grow into his bed!
 Sydney playing in Cooper's Bed.....see Cooper in the background...
 Playing around with Andy.

And the cutest (and most spoiled) Baby Boxer that ever lived.....

Ha Ha Ha...hope you weren't reading this blog and thinking that it meant WE were going to have a new baby, despite what Sydney and Olivia say, I don't see that happening! :)

Hope all is Well,

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