Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowmageddeon 2011

Today we had our millionth snow day...well, our 5th, craziness, due to the horrible ice and snow storm heading towards STL. The storm touted to be "the WORST storm in 30 years", to be remembered by all. The Missouri National Guard was called in and is waiting at Six Flags to be activated, AmerenUE has called up over a thousand linemen from all over the country (to avoid a disaster like they saw in the ice storm of 2006 where we personally lost power for 4 days), and hundreds of businesses and schools have called off. Last night, I was so freaked by the potential of NO POWER and being home alone with my toddlers, that I barely slept.

Thankfully, I awoke this am to (not just 2 toddlers climbing to snuggle in my bed with the Boxer and I), but also to my power..YAY! The news told us that we had dodged a major bullet and that the ice wasn't as bad as it could be, but we would be having more sleet today and snow later. Fun times. Yay for winter, my most favorite time of the year. NOT. For those of you who read our blog who know me personally, you know that I HATE HATE HATE winter. With a passion, I complain ALL WINTER long because I hate it that much, I hate being cold, you name it. There is NOTHING cool about winter, well, maybe hot chocolate, but no, I take that back, that's not enough to make me really LIKE winter. Now, Snuggling with my girls and Matt, that may make it better!

Here are some pictures of the ice, outside our house..this is the Dogwood outside the girls' room and view towards Mr. Bob's house.

 Olivia snuggling under a blanket.....
 Sydney and her trusty Mickey Mouse..
Hope you're staying nice and warm during Snowmageddeon 2011,

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