Monday, January 31, 2011

"I don't Like That"....

is our new favorite phrase and let me tell you, are we BOTH pretty vocal about what we like and don't like! Sometimes, when they are not around, Matt and I like to joke and say this in the exact same intonation they's hilarious (well, at least to us it is). Both girls are finally recovered from our fun bout with RSV, Flu, and ear infections. YAY I have my awesome babies back...well, in terms of temprament that is. It's so cute to watch them as they get older start to develop their little personalities. Olivia is little Miss Follow the Rules, but this ONLY applies to OTHER people (meaning, she doesn't necessairly have to follow the rules, but Sydney does)...and Sydney has become little Miss See What I can Get Away With or I'll Throw a Fit/Bang my head. Also known as the Terrible Twos I believe. And man are they terrible! Sadly, I hear that the Three's are what are really bad, I have to admit, I'm kind of scared. :)

Since the girls have been sick, we have stopped off of taking them places so that we can minimize their exposure to illnesses. Sadly, I know for sure that they got sick from another kiddo at Stephanie's Birthday Party who was sick. :( Makes me so sad that just whenI thought we were safe they get sick. :( I know that logically they cannot live in a bubble AND that they are exposed to plenty at Daycare, but it just makes me sad and scared because they do tend to get so sick so fast because of their lung issues due to prematurity. Some day this will pass, right!? I sure hope so. So, this weekend because they were just sick, I was able to go kid free to not one, but two girls' breakfasts! So nice to be able to focus on conversation and not worrying about how fast the girls will get bored! After breakfast with my friends, I ran some errands, one was to pick up some new shoes for the girls....we're in the middle of another growth spurt, so we're outgrowing all our shoes! Which is nice, but costly! Thankfully, I got some super cute shoes and Payless for their BOGO deal, AND they were on sale for $7 and they had to put a pair on reserve at another store (kind of a hassle, but saves us $$)..after my 1/2 off and $3 coupon for the inconvenience of going to another store, the second pair of shoes cost me $.54. AWESOME! :) Add to the fact that Neena bought us 2 pairs of size 7 shoes this past December AND all our boots we got for Christmas were size 7's, so we are least for a little while! After this, I went to the grocery store to pick up stuff for the week...sadly it was there I learned about the horrible weather that is coming our way. :( Hopefully it's not as bad as they say it's going to be and all is well...I'm sure I'll keep you all updated...until then.....

When we wake up in the morning or naptime, our custom has been to sneak into Mommy's bed and snuggle. On the Weekends we usually have our snack and snuggle as well, in the mornings we have milk and cereal. :) I did purchase a Tot Clock, but they still haven't started staying in bed until the clock turns Yellow, but the certainly understand that when it turns blue that means we need to go to bed. Guess we're going to need to get more strict on not getting out of bed while the clock is still blue, but man Snuggle time is FUN! :) (Don't tell Matt I said that)...I'm such a sucker, definately the weakest link...sometimes!

Olivia and her Mickey...and of COURSE wubby.
Sydney..she wasn't so keen on having her picture taken...notice her BELOVED Mickey in the background. She ADORES him....he's her security blanket these days....well, and her wubby.

My Artists-to-Be...Olivia..


Playing around with Daddy after Naptime!

Olivia....she just adores that darn Elmo couch!

Hats, Hats, and more Hats.....give Olivia a Hat and she'll wear it...she does love to steal her Daddy's hats as she is in her conductor's hat!

 These days our tunnel is A.LOT.OF.FUN!

 Dressing up.....
 Smiling for the camera...I sure wish we'd taken that wubby before pictures...we've kind of slacked since they've been sick on taking the wubby's away when the get up from Naptime. :(

 Sydney...LOT at ME Daddy.....she sure does like to be the center of attention!
 "I Don't like That"...not so much into the camera these days....well, sometimes!

 BOTH girls love love love books...thankfully, and trust me when I say I am a sucker for buying new ones (but if you know me, you should already have suspected this)! :P

 Dance Dance Dance!
 Playing together....mostly we get along! :)

Hope all is well,

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