Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blindsided....the dreaded Diagnosis of....

RSV. :( Yep, we've had it. Guess that's one more thing to mark off the list of firsts for the girls. I knew that EVENTUALLY we would get it, but was hoping we'd get lucky and make it another year. That said, my pediatrician was happy that the girls are so much older and have been doing SO much better when they did finally get it....but anyways, here's the RSV story.

So, I was getting pretty proud of myself and my frequency of posts on the blog, when I was blindsided with the girls getting sick. I know I should have been prepared for this, but quite honestly, they have been so well lately that I was starting to get a little cocky about how healthy they were! On MLK Day, after going to lunch with Aunt Gretchen and my two adorable nieces (okay, not REALLY my nieces, but I call them that and that's all that matters)! Anyways, after lunch, we came home and all took a nice long nap, well, at least Sydney did. Miss Olivia was still adjusting to her bed, and came in early to snuggle with her Mommy in Mommy's Bed! Anyways, Sydney woke up from her nap, wheezing and coughing and a little warm, so I started both girls on breathing treatments for the rest of the day. We continued these Tuesday and by Tuesday evening, they were both doing well. At least that is what I thought. On Wednesday, Neena and PaPa watched the girls to give my mom a break. Anyways, when I got home, the girls were still napping, so Neena went into get Olivia because she started to stir while we were all talking. She came running out with Olivia in her arms, freaking out, saying, "OH MY GOD, what's wrong, she wasn't like this when she went to bed, I swear!" Olivia was in her arms and wheezing, probably the worst that I have ever heard her. So, I had Neena get me a breathing machine and the phone, I started her on an Albuterol treatment and called the Dr, who just hearing her over the phone called me in some prednizone for both girls to take, until we could get in to see her on Friday, You see, this whole incident was clouded by the fact that we were due to get about 10 inches of snow that night into Thursday. Fun, OF course my kid gets sick during a blizzard (well, a blizzard by STL standards!). So, I called Matt, had him leave work, and snuggled with my poor pathetic, sick baby. When Matt got home, I ran to Dierbergs and picked up the new meds (at this point, you are wondering WHY Matt didn't pick up the meds on his way home and I'll tell you it's because I had the insurance cards in MY wallet..PITA, I'm going to call the insurence company for a second set to make our lives easier). 

Came home, gave the girls some meds, re-did breathing treatments and thus started our first night of an ER watch. You see, as part of my earlier instructions from the Dr, she told me that if Olivia got any worse than she had been or continued like she was earlier that we were to take her to the ER. Fun. Just where I always wanted to go, on top of the fact that it was SNOWING. Ugh, thankfully we made it until Friday with no ER visit for either Olivia OR Sydney, who ended up getting even sicker. :(

On Friday, after very little sleep on my part (b/c I am a worry wart and was freaking out), we finally made it to the Dr's, where the girls were diagnosed with RSV (which I had already suspected), FLU A (fat lot of good that damned shot did us this year or even last year since last year we all got Swine Flu), and ear infections for both Olivia and Sydney.

Due to the weather, I was off both Thursday and Friday with the girls, not that I would have been going to work if there had been work, as the girls were too sick to go to daycare.

Come MOnday, they were good to go, and I was quite happy to go back to work. Thankfully, Saturday and Sunday Nights I was able to get a full night's sleep, well, at least 6-7 hours at one time, which I have gotten quite spoiled with. After 3 nights of less than 4 hours of sleep, I wondered how we ever survived those first couple months of the girls coming home...then I remembered, THEY used to sleep a lot too! The only downside of this fabulous illness was that NEITHER of them wanted to sleep much, they did however want to snuggle, which I ate up. My babies are getting bigger and it's sad. :(

Here are some pics from the last 2 weeks...we were too busy during their illness to take pics and I know that Daddy was disappointed that they were sick because he wanted to play in the snow with them...:(

With love from our Healthy least for now!

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