Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cabin Fever!

On Thursday, I was off work (AGAIN)...seriously, but this time I think it was more for the bitter cold that followed all our ice and snow. Whatever the reason, it was annoying (I know, some of you are SHOCKED to hear a teacher say that), but seriously a snow day here and there is GREAT, no take that back, amazing, and I love them, but we have had WAY too many lately, and to be honest, I'd rather be off in the summer so that I can enjoy my summer. BUT no, now we are in school until June :( Hopefully, we won't get any more snow. I'm over it, and so apparently, are my girls, as evidenced by our discussion this fine Thursday morning..

Me; "Hey girls, want to go outside and play in your play house in our backyard?"

Olivia: "No Thanks Mama!" "I go see Baby Cooper!"

Sydney: "I don't like that...I want to go see Baby Cooper too!"

Okay, nix that idea. Great it's 9:15 am, this is going to make for a long day. Well, at least they are playing nicely in their playroom and we haven't watched anything on television so far today, well, besides their morning Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. How to prevent more television today? I know...I'll call the neighbors to see if we can visit Baby Cooper..THANKFULLY my neighbors are awesome, and said yes.

So, at 10:30 we head over to see Baby Cooper, followed by the promise of mommy picking up lunch. Yes, out of the house, even if for just a little bit is a great treat. 

Baby Cooper, as always delivered! Sadly however, Mommy ended up being the one who played more with Baby Cooper than the girls did. Once we got over to the neighbor's house, Angie had her friend Liz over, and she was apparently, WAY more exciting than Baby Cooper. Interesting...we that and stealing all of the food that Andy was eating! Such great kids! We had a great great time. AND best of all, we were tired and more than ready for our yummy lunch of grilled chicken strips. NOT a great day for Mommy's diet.

After naptime, we watched jammed to our music on our television and snacked it up, while we waited for Daddy to come home.

Olivia....loves wearing and playing around with Daddy's hats!

Snack I introduced the girls to peanutbutter graham crackers..a big hit I must say!
Sydney eating away...always a great sight!

Playing around with Daddy after dinner....I just love when we get cute pictures of the girls together! :)

Hopefully this is it for snowdays for the rest of the school year. We got an e-mail at work today telling us that we would FOR SURE have school tomorrow...haha!

Hope All is well,

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