Friday, June 20, 2008

27 Weeks, 1 Day


As I sit here in my recliner, it's hard to imagine that exactly 5 weeks from today, we experienced the scariest event in nearly 5 years of marriage and 7 years of knowing each other.

You see 5 weeks ago today, I was admitted to MO Bap and told that we may lose our twins. I'm happy to say that despite that really dark 48 hours of our lives and an amazing Perinatologist (who is often referred to in STL as Dr. God) that I am no longer in the hospital and am at home with our current 'babies'.

Now, we're playing a waiting game as to how long I can keep the babies in. We know that every day that I lay on the couch or in the recliner DYING of boredom is one day of better health and less potential time in the NICU for our little girls. Is it worth it? You bet. But that doesn't mean that I'm any less bored... I'll admit it, I'm a little type A. And poor Matt, well, he gets to suffer and deal with my endless lists and errands. Oh, and the additional stress of our oldest boxer Baby being in the veterinary hospital at MU (at least until July 3rd when he gets to come home permanently).

Both of our parents and many of our friends have been great at helping, from doing laundry, organizing the nursery, cleaning, grocery shopping, attempting to force feed me food, taking care of the Boxers, bringing me lunch, listening to me vent on the phone, or just simply being there for me. It really does mean a lot, I hope you all know that.

Yesterday I had my weekly Dr's appointment, and this time I was blessed with the ever fabulous glucose tolerance test. God, I hate that test and SOOO hope that I've passed it (they didn't call me today, so I'm hoping that no news is good news, but one never knows). I was happy to hear from my Peri/Dr. that he wasn't too concerned with me failing the test b/c the big concern with GD (gestational diabetes) is that it creates big babies. And well, to be honest, big TWINS would be a good thing. He does continually remind me that I'm likely to end up back in the hospital before the girls are born, regardless of how good I am at home on my bedrest, but for the most part he's happy with how things are going! :) I didn't even get a lecture this time on how I need to gain more weight, etc... well he did say he wants me to gain more weight, but this time it wasn't a lecture like I've heard in the past...

and NO I won't tell you how much I've gained. :)

Next week we get another growth scan to double check how big the girls are getting and to make sure that they are not having Twin-to-Twin Transfusion which can cause one to get very large and the other to be very small. Hopefully they'll cooperate... I think this week they hated the glucose test so much that they'd MUCH rather sleep than be awake during my u/s.

So, all is well, it's finally the weekend so I have entertainment (Matt) all weekend long, and Cassius is home with his mommy, daddy, and little sister where he belongs.

Now if we can just get the thousands of things I need done this weekend done, AND relax, then it's all good.


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  1. Hi Kids, Congrats to you both. Thanks for sharing this on a blog.
    Love, Jim and Carol.


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