Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Long Overdue Update

Happy Saturday everyone. Unfortunately its been two weeks since we last updated our blog... Needless to say, these last 2 weeks have flown by as we are kept constantly busy.

Since our last update, here's what's been going on...

On Monday 10/13 I returned to work after working from home to help Jeni with the transition of the girls to being home. It was odd going back to work after being home for nearly 2 weeks with the girls. I missed being with them all day. And I never realized how quickly your day flies by when you are kept busy with two hungry and growing little girls. At home it was nearly a perpetual pattern of warming food, changing diapers, feeding, putting down for naps, and starting over again. The day totally gets away from you... Back at work, the day definitely seems to flow slower.

Upon my return to work, Grandma Pat took some time off from work to help Jeni out for the week. It was really great to have some help for Jeni. While we have schedules worked out, the girls are still not easy to take care of, even one at a time. Sydney continues to have extremely fussy times, especially around feedings. Its a fine line of feeding her when she's hungry enough to eat all of her bottle and not waiting too long that shes so hungry that she cries during her feed. In addition to helping out with the daytime duties while I was at work, Grandma Pat supplied some much appreciated dinners. Not having to cook was a lifesaver.

On Thursday of that week, Jeni made one of her first trips out of the house alone in a while. She attended the monthly meeting of the Mothers Of Twins Club. She was able to enjoy a full dinner and adult conversation without interruption of a crying baby or two... I took care of the girls and Nana Sharon came up to assist.

On Saturday, Jeni took another trip out and met her friends for their regular Girls' Breakfast. Aunts Tiffany, Michelle, & Nancy met Jeni at their usual place in Clayton where they enjoyed some coffee and crepes. Again, Nana Sharon came over to help me out with the girls. She needed to get in some more quality time before she went on vacation to Florida. I think she's afraid they will learn to walk, talk, sing, and dance all while she's gone for the week.

Saturday also marked the arrival of the Seattle contingent of Grandparents: Grandma Carol and The Grand Dude (aka Jeni's Stepmom & Dad). They got in town in the early evening and quickly earned the nickname of "the paparazzi" due to their nearly non-stop flurry of photo-taking. We'll give them a pass, since until now they've only been able to enjoy the girls through this blog or through emailed pictures. It was very cute to see both Jim and Carol fawning over both girls. Good thing there are two of them because I'm not sure how they would have coped with having to fight over who got to hold them...

So this past week Jeni had help every day from Jim and Carol during the day, which was nice. I had some work travel scheduled and had to leave on Wednesday morning to go to Truman State. Again it was nice that Jeni didn't have to be at home alone with the girls.

On Friday night, The Grand Dude & Grandma Carol volunteered to watch the girls so that Jeni and I could have a much needed night out on our own. The last time that we had had a night out to eat together on our own was way back in July on our anniversary. This time we headed to our favorite place, Roberto's in Concord Plaza. Jeni had the Filet Roberto and I had the Veal Chop. The highlight of the meal was the shrimp. Delicious! We highly recommend. Very nice evening in general, even with the long wait at the restaurant because of the 2 rehearsal dinners being held there.

As for the girls, they are doing quite well. Both have had 2 trips to the pediatrician and are right on track in their growth. They are still small for their actual age, but are in the lower 30th percentile for their adjusted age (judging their growth from their due date versus their actual birth date). We weighed them today and Sydney is 7.6lbs and Olivia is 8.2lbs.

Well, that brings you up to date. We'll try to stay more current in keeping you up on the girls' progress.

The girls together....

while Grandma and GrandDude babysat...
wonder what they did?

Olivia on the way to Children's for her hip ultrasound b/c she was breech...All is well!

The girls with Grandma Carol and GrandDude Jimmy...

A family picture...aren't we cute!?

Take care.


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