Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Fun Filled Easter Weekend....

We had a great first Easter weekend!

Here are some pictures from some of the MANY Photo Shoots that the girls had this weekend! :)

Green Babies Rule...is a onesie that I picked up last January (before we even know we were pg much less having twins) when Matt and I saw Wicked at the Fox. The 2nd onsie came from a friend of the family (Vicki Noon) who is the lead in Wicked:San Francisco! I love this series of pictures because the look on Olivia's face is priceless as Sydney starts to steal her hat!
This is where sitting nicely beside eachother in our rocker starts to go haywire!

"What in the Heck are you doing, KID?""I think I like this...."

"Gotta have it NOW!"

"Hey...I did all the work for that, give it to me, it's MINE!"

"AHAH...I have it now!""ALL MINE!"
If you can't tell, we love hats for the girls, especially since they don't have a TON of hair these days, but what they do have is WHITE Blonde! :) These hats were given to us (along with a ton of fabulous outfits for when the girls are older) by a friend of mine who has triplets...love them!

Last year, in preparation for Easter, we ate out with Sharon, Rick, Vicki, and Gale because in the words of Nana Sharon as she is now known, "for the next couple years it's going to be a little hectic, so we should eat out while we can!" So, we did...little did we all know (really) quite how hectic our lives were going to be with the girls! As they get bigger, new 'challenges' arise...like the fact that pretty soon we're going to have some (well at least one) crawler on our hands...OH.MY.GOD. I am so not ready for that! But, I digress...back to our weekend!

Our weekend started on Thursday afternoon with the girl's NICU Follow-up Appointment at Children's Hospital. It is NEVER a good thing when you get a letter in the mail reminding you of an appointment and it also includes the statement "This appointment may last anywhere from one to three hours!" FUN. So not looking forward to this, but in a way I was. The appointment went great and our Dr's were VERY impressed with how well the girls were doing. We did discuss the girl's weights (they are still pretty tiny), but over all they were super impressed with how they are doing! WE even got the clearance to start taking them places, SMARTLY. Meaning, still keep them away from sick people and do ask that people who have been around sickies to stay away and as always wash hands and use hand santizer at all times! Okay...this should be interesting, b/c as nice as it is to have clearance to take them places, man is it an Act of Congress to get ready to go out! After we got home from our fabulous Appointment, Grandma Vicki and PaPa Gale stopped by to visit with the girls for a little while..it was good to see them! A little while Later, Uncle Mike and Aunt Nozomi came over to hang out in aticipation of the arrival of GrandDude (my dad) and Grandma Carol from Seattle who came in for the weekend to see us. Well, who am I kidding, they came in to see the girls, NOT any of us, we were just the added bonus!

The arrival of GrandDude and Grandma Carol OR the Paparazzi as they are often known in our household, marked the arrival of a trillion photographs (many of which will soon be added to the blog). WE had such a great time with them this weekend and I know that the girls really enjoyed having other people around to spoil them (besides the normal Grandparents/Uncles/Aunts, and Mom and Dad)!

Friday, was a day spent spoiling babies as Matt and GrandDude went to see a movie and then Carol and I went shopping (Grandma felt the girls needed an outfit with bunnies on it for Easter)! We had originally planned on going to the zoo or somewhere outside on Friday, but the return of the cold and crummy weather kept us from that. Plus it's so hard to take the girls places these days b/c they eat so often! Craziness!

Saturday, while Grandma Carol and GrandDude when out to lunch with some friends, Matt and I took the girls out on their first OFFICIAL outing! We went to lunch at McAllisters where people stopped by to gwak at the cuties and tell us how cute they are. And then we went to Target. Target was interesting. Daddy wanted the girls to ride in the cart like regular kids and Mommy almost had a heart attack b/c of all the germs on the cart. SOOOOOOOO we compromised...we bathed the cart in bleach wipes, put down a blanket so that Olivia didn't touch anything and put her in the seat upfront. Sydney who was napping stayed sleeping in her car seat! One of the MANY baby purchases we made at Target that day was a shopping cart cover so that we don't have to worry about nasty germs at the stores as the girls get bigger!

Saturday night, Matt and I went out on a date night to a wonderful (seriously, did I just say that?) sushi restaurant in Clayton called Tani. I actually enjoyed it, which means some good things for Matt, since he loves sushi and always wants to go out for it! :) It was great to get out with just the two of us! The girls had a lovely evening with GrandDude, Grandma Carol, Uncle Mike, and Aunt Nozomi....they were very pleased to report when we got home that the girls had their witching hour as I call it...crabbiness BEFORE bathtime! Poor girls.

Easter Sunday was fabulous as well. In the interest of keeping everything EASY, everyone came over to our house. It's just better that way since the girls have all of their stuff at our house and we don't have to drag the universe around! Also, we parcelled out different dishes so that no one person was cooking all day long. My stepmom commented about how nice Easter was b/c for the first time in FOREVER she didn't have to cook the ENTIRE meal, which was nice! WE all had a great time...however the girls did get tired and crabby. I think they were sick of photographs! :) Poor babies, all we ever do is take their pictures, you'd think they'd be used to it by now, but NOPE!

In upcoming news...Matt and I are working on identifying a church that we'd like to attend so that we can get the girls baptized. :) Matt and I are looking VERY forward to a trip to Vegas in June! Which means that the exercise campaign has hit the house in full force. You cannot imagine how difficult it is to get back in shape from bedrest and taking care of babies. I some days seriously feel like I am going to fall apart, this from the woman who used to run/walk for 6 miles a day! Never thought I'd say that! :) Probably the hardest part of working out besides my lazy muscles is the fact that I get up at 5am to do this. UGH. Oh well, as my friend in college used to say "you can sleep when you're dead"....so in about 50-60 years I'll make up for all my missed sleep! :) In order to help with the get in shape campaign, Matt and I have declared that we are going to do a Biggest Loser with each other that will end on Sunday, June 7th. The winner will receive $300 and will not have to do baths for a week (this was Daddy's request...apparently he hates giving baths!)! I sure hope I win....I want the $$$ for shopping! And this of course is the incentive I have to "sleep when I am dead"!
ON Saturday, April 24th, We will be participating in the March of Dimes Walk that is in Forest Park to help raise awareness about prematurity and the hope that one day all babies will be born healthy or Full term!
Dad and Carol are in the process of moving to Arizona where my Dad has accepted a job at ASU Tempe..we are super excited for him! I think he'll love being in the education field. We are also preparing for the girls upcoming 1st Birthday. I believe (and don't hold me to this if it changes), that we are going to do a revolving Open House...mainly because we want to use this as an opportunity to introduce the girls to a lot of people and our home is not THAT large that we can have TONS of people over at one time! This way people can come on their own terms and leave without waiting for something to happen! Also, we're getting geared up for next summer/fall (2010) when Uncle Sean is going to get married to future Aunt Kelsey and the girls are going to be Flower Girls...so cute I am sure they will be, especially if they have LOTS of hair by then so that they can have some sort of cute hair-do!

Stay tuned for more fabulous Easter Pictures to come...these are just some Teasers!
Hope All is Well,

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